“Almost” Deschutes Tragedy

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by John Dougher, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Wow, yeah, nice move on the fisherman's part.
  3. Anyone on the Deschutes (or any water) without a PFD is a fool. You always think it'll be the other guy.
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    Why anyone would be on a river as powerful as the Deschutes without a pfd id totally beyond me. I've been bucked out of a raft on a couple occasions on this river. I still struggled with a good pfd. I also wear one while surf fishing on the coast. Every year we hear of surf fishermen or wave jumpers getting sucked into an under tow. Give yourself a chance to survive. Wear the damn pfd's!:rofl::ray1:
  5. I understand the Deschutes is all C&R for drowning boaters now, so no one carries a gaff anymore.
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    Water 'doesn't care,' especially moving water. We've already (since January) lost (IMS) 6 people on the Rogue. The last two at Blossom Bar ... and they did have PFD's on at the time.
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    Yep, especially get them on your kids when you have them along the river bank. It just takes a second.
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    Couldn't get the link today.
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    Yup, the page is gone.
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    That's because the post and article are from 2008.
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    Well, okay. That's explains a lot.
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    I usually look at the dates on posts. It didn't have very many replies, so I thought is was new.

    People should not play with peoples minds this way.
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    Jim this reminded me of something my Mom used to say about a friend of mine when I was in Junior High School "If he had a brain he'd have it out playing with it"
    Only you can play with your mind!
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    IIRC back in the late 70s and early 80s, there was a fellow that did salvage on the Deschutes river, around Oh Shit Rock, with a moniker of River Angel. At least I read about him in some of the publications at the time. Anybody recall him or if he was just a journalistic myth?
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    Well that is good to know. I recall an article of him with an aluminum drift boat that was folded almost double and he salvaged it out with a series of cables and wires. I understand that he gave the owner a choice of paying for the salvage or if he declined, Mark got to keep the boat under salvage law and he would hammer them out and resell them.
    Not certain of the validity of my memory tho.

    Thanks for the update.
  17. ak_powder_monkey

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    that's a big freaking motor...

    Whitehorse is not something I'd want to run in a hard boat...
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    I rode through it with a guide many years ago. He was good. Very good.
    We caught fish, boy howdy we caught fish.