1 Box of MagTech 9mm - $150.00

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  1. Just returned from Sportco and Wholesale Sports; thought I'd p/u some ammo... I thought wrong. Both are completely out of 9mm and many other calibers. Both gun counters were dead as door nails; a far contrast to 3 layer deep lines the past few months. I suppose that's the flip side of not having many guns left in stock and zero ammo to shoot. I would guess the ranges throughout the area are also dead as no one will want to shoot what they have.

    Just a little reminder to us all how things can quickly spiral out of control and why it matters who gets elected into government positions.

    I have a box of MagTech 9mm I'll let go for $150.00 ;)
  2. Just wait until the announcement tomorrow. You may be raising the price. Do I hear $225?
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  3. reloading supplies; he isn't smart enough to be able to think that far ahead. It's coming though, so stockpile!
  4. Picked up 5000 spp and 8lb of titegroup right at the end of Dec. I've been reloading Xtreme copper plated bullets for a few years. They are excellent!​
  5. Try midwayusa.com

  6. It's already here!! I shoot speed steel events with my 22 pistol and rifle and use the bulk box cheap stuff. For the past month I have tried to find any 22 ammo anywhere. Walmart, Cabelas, Big 5, even the big online places like Midway etc. It's scary when you walk in and see the ammo shelves completely empty. The only thing left anywhere is a bit of 40S&W and maybe some 17HMR. Also primers are completely out of stock as well.
  7. I can see why there would be a run on that because after all THEY ARE GOING TO OUTLAW .22. That DOES make sense.

    The gun and ammo makers laugh all the way to the bank every time paranoia takes hold.
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  8. I might suggest we begin discussing specific details about or arms and inventory in code... "well Mr. So and So, according to our records from WFF's Cast & Blast forum, on Jan 16, 2013, at 4:43pm, you stated..."

    Having little or no faith in one's government...what a sad ass state that is :mad:

  9. "Shhh!" [Spoken in a hushed whisper] "Hey, Buddy, wanna buy a box of .45 ACP? I'm only asking $250..."

    It's getting pretty thin out there.
  10. just wait till the outlaw lead in all ammo.
  11. Thought I would go check out a gun show last weekend since it used to be a good place for ammo. I was wrong. Many tables had those $20 boxes of .22 ammo that you would get at Walmart or Bass Pro with a $75.00 price tag on them. That is not my concept of supply and demand.

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