WTB 10 or 11 wt

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Cfisher, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Cfisher

    Cfisher Member

    Post up what you have to sell in single hand 10 or 11wt's. Thanks!
  2. NCFLY

    NCFLY Member

    Sage RPLXi 10wt / 3 piece
    with original sock & tube
    Great condition. Great reputation.
    $265 delivered in USA.

    Orvis TL Silver Label 10wt (9.5 tip flex)
    4 piece with original sleeved tube
    $165 delivered. Nearly new condition.

    Pics available...

  3. I've got a Redington Predator 9ft 10 weight that is brand new. $200 shipped
  4. Cfisher

    Cfisher Member

    Hmmm - still looking. The RPLXi might be interesting
  5. NCFLY

    NCFLY Member

    Sage RPLXi is SOLD. Thanks Andy!

    Orvis TL is still available...
  6. Explosion5000

    Explosion5000 Member

    The Sage RPLXi 10 wt arrived last week from Mike aka NCFLY. It is in beautiful condition. Mike shipped it out promptly and was a pleasure to work with.

    BIG COHO Member

    TFO Mangrove. Never seen the water. $200
  8. Bill Peck

    Bill Peck Member

    Sage XP 9ft 10wt 2 piece mint in original sock and aluminum tube.250.00.
  9. Mark Koch

    Mark Koch New Member

    Any interest in a Sage One 10wt, rod is as new.
  10. Nooksack Mac

    Nooksack Mac Active Member

    Now for something different: a 9' 1" 2-piece 10/11 Garcia Conolon fiberglass salmon rod; good condition. Short detachable butt, Foulproof guides. This was a state-of-the-art heavyweight a half century ago. I fished it some during a vacation in Scotland in 1966, but not since then. $50 + $8 shipping in No. America.
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  11. Jerry Bronson

    Jerry Bronson Member

    I have a Sage 10 wt RPLX, 3 piece, Graphite III, 9 ft, 5 1/4 oz. Very clean, $180.