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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mtgreenheads, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Howdy-

    Coming back to Earth after my first Everglades trip (Chokoloskee). Anyways, I'm thinking I need my own 12 wt for next year. I am really happy with my 9' 8 TFO BVK, and am looking for ideas on other affordable rods in the 12 wt.


  2. I would contact Colton Fly Fishing. Bob fishes many times per year with his heavier weight rods.
  3. Several years ago when gathering gear for a tuna trip, I found a G. Loomis 'Nautikos' I think they were discontinued a number of years ago, but what a great rod. Even though I may only use it once every several years, it's not one that'll be leaving my quiver ever. Light (at least feels that way to me), for a 12; pretty fast action (not One-fast) & casts very well with lines from your standard 12wt up to a 600gr shooting head; backbone to spare. You can usually find them for pretty inexpensive. All that said, I've only played around with maybe 4 different 12wts (a couple of Sages, a TFO and a custom-built Rainshadow)...but, it works really well for me. Anyway, that's what my limited experience has told me.
  4. I have a 12wt Redington Predator that casts and fishes well for the price.
  5. If you like your 8 wt BVK, you should cast their 12 wt stick. I think you'll love it. My favorite for casting is my 12 wt CPS, but those are no longer made. A 12 wt Xi3 is very light and awesome if you want to drop that kind of coin. My favorite for fighting fish is my TicR but that is heavy and can wear you out if you'll be casting all day. But for just waiting for shots at specific fish, it is fine.
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  6. TFO BVK 12 is a gem. I also have some T&T 12s that I have been happy with. In the old days I had 12wt Lami for my first big stick and used it until it got borrowed from my truck. TFO has a new series of Rods called "Mangrove" (not listed in the brochure yet) that has a killer 12 wt that you should consider.
  7. Appreciate the advice, might have to pick up a mangrove 12 wt.
  8. Check out the Loomis NRX and Sage One. I've always been an Xi (2/3) fan, but recently chose a 0ne over both. If you're near Tacoma, Puget Sound Fly Co carries all three. I have a couple of TFO's also, but if you'll be using it a lot, consider stepping up.

    I have a 12 wt. Cam Sigler, and a Redington CPX in a twelve, but they don't compare. You should cast before you choose.
  9. That TFO BVK has the high end rod weights, meaning some light rods. I can't comment much above ten weights but there is a definite east coast buzz about the Colton's. Found out more about them as my son was looking at attending an east coast school....and I was internet investigating some east coast fly-fishing destinations/opportunities. But he's gonna be a Logger, hack hack chop chop!..at UPS. So I guess I need to find out a little more about Tacoma's offerings and South Puget Sound area. ;) So in a nutshell you might want to take a look at Colton's too, among many of the sagacious advices above.
  10. Good deal, thanks for the opinions. I wish I was in a position to cast the 12 wt more often, but it will be a week a year or so for a MT guy like me.
  11. TFO. If you like the BVK in the 8 weight, then why not get the 12 weight? The 12 is a line weight that you will be using for fish that are known to cause breakage, so why not get a rod that is 1) relatively affordable, 2) casts well and is known to be a great fish-fighting tool, and 3) the company is stable and they will take care of you with no questions asked. To me, it's a no-brainer.

    Like Dan Blanton says about buying saltwater reels, "buy the best you can afford, and get the crying over with once!"; it also applies to saltwater rods, particularly in this instance.

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