FS 2000 Yamaha 3hp 2-stroke outboard short shaft

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  1. Very fuel efficient short shaft outboard, premix with 100:1 with the built in tank. Runs for many hours on one fill up. Manual trim, pull start. Prop is in great shape, Stand is not included.

    2O6-261- Zero 226 call or text


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  2. I could be interested, what did you have this on? I'm looking to put something like this on my Spring Creek Pram. I attempted an older motor, but I think the shaft was too short. How long is this shaft?
  3. I've used it on prams up to 12' Jon boats, anything with a 15"-20" transom is perfect. It's a short shaft which is 15"
  4. Ira,
    Your "spidey sense" on the water... you NEED that spidey trike in the background. Bundle it up with the outboard :)

    Paul - How much does a 3hp 2-stroke Yamaha weigh? 30lbs? Would you used this on a Smith boat?
  5. Hi Jeff, believe its 38 lbs. A Smith could take it but would use a piece of 1x4 to mount.
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  6. What about a Koffler pram?
  7. Jim, I had this motor on my 8' Rogue and pushed it with my dad and I, marine cooler with ice, and measured the speed on a handheld GPS at 5 mph. Not going to win any speed records and or get you onto plane with the rocker design of the prams but it beats having to row any distances longer than a mile. We put a little over 4 nautical miles with it and it runs like a champ. I got it for use on BC lakes, and it places like Coffeepot where outboards are allowed. However I never got to use it in in such places as my time is limited with two young boys. I'll need a bigger boat and larger outboard to accommodate them. Hence the reason for the garage cleaning.
  8. If anyone wants to know how fuel efficient Yamaha outboards are, in 1999 a 4hp 4-stroke broke the Guinness book of world records and ran over 10 hours and almost 68 miles on 1 gallon of gas. Each time I run the fuel out of the carb it takes a few minutes from turning off the delivery switch for it to sputter out. Friends with other little kickers have to re-fuel as their not to mention outboards suck down the petrol. I keep all my outboards fired up regularly throughout the year to ensure that things are lubricanted and nothing gets seized and or varnished when fishing season is in force. I always use non-ethanol fuel and Yamalube where applicable.
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  9. No show and outboard is still available.
  10. Weekend bump!
  11. Price drop, $550
  12. If this was a long shaft I'd have been on this like a duck on a junebug.
  13. Bump up to the top!
  14. Bump, also see my ad for the Montauk. I'll throw this motor in to a Wff member that buys the boat which I just reduced the price.

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