2011 Best of Best Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Swap Closed.....

    It's the end of 2011 so what better to do than recap and start stocking up for 2012?
    It's been awhile since I hosted a swap and thought this idea could be fun.
    This year you had the right fly and in the proverbial 'zone'. Not just catching a fish here and there, but hooking fish after fish, one after another? I had a few of those times this year and thought it would be fun to share patterns but somewhat secretly.
    Are you in?

    Here's my idea:
    Looking for 10-12 tiers with a proven patterns from 2011; ideally fished in Washington State.

    If interested, reply with pattern name and generally what you'd like to say about it. (i.e. 'Awesome trout fly' or 'Slayed them at a Northeast Washington Lake)

    For the tiers only, I'll collect any additional information you want to give on the fly via PM. After all the ties are received, I'd then PM back the group a summary of all the information on each fly with as little or as much information you want to give. I might just cut/paste a document to be mailed back with the fly packages to each of you. For me the story or fishing conditions can be equally as interesting as the pattern itself.

    Flies due mid January ; Jan 13, 2012. Remember the return postage.
    Update: two different flies or 2x same pattern, either way 22 flies

    So far we've got:
    1.Steeli Mt bucktail (2x) READY
    2.Bugtyer - Arizona Simi Seal Leech, polar fibre clouser RECEIVED
    3.Rob Ast - double brass stone (2x) RECEIVED
    4.Troutpocket carey-leech, pheasant tail chironmid RECEIVED
    5.Islander - redhead nymph, camo carey RECEIVED
    6. Irafly - red leech (2x) RECEIVED
    7. Ron Mcneal - olive willie, nyerges nymph RECEIVED
    8. Ben Guss - sea run reverse spider, RECEIVED
    9. Nailbender - Humpy Carl, halfback RECEIVED
    10. TD - October Caddis (2x) RECEIVED
    11. Mountaintrout - RECEIVED
    12. Camo Clad Warrior - chironomids (2x) RECEIVED
  2. Steeli,
    I guess I can tie a dozen flies before the deadline. My go to pattern of the year was an Arizona Simi Seal Leech. I caught plate sized bluegills, SMB, LMB, brown trout, rainbow trout, pike minnows, and perch with this pattern. Please PM me with a mailing address.

  3. I'd play, but in reality the deadline is too soon for me. If you push it back a few weeks I'm in.
  4. +1

    I'll have more time to tie after holiday craziness has passed.
  5. Yes, let's move out the date if this will get more to join in. Jan 13th will give everyone a couple more weeks.
  6. I'll do a carey-leech variant that has pretty much replaced black woolley buggers in my lake box. My go-to for basin lakes trout fishing in low-light conditions.
  7. Sounds good. I'll do a double brass bead stone that worked well on the Yak.
  8. I've got some options and waiting to hear what others have to help give a varitety; a dry foam spyder that was great for fishing the Basin pan fish, minnow pattern that worked great this fall and a damsel/dragon attractor that's my easten wa go-to for the spring pre damsel hatch.
  9. I should have some tying time over the holidays so I'd like to join in if possible. I'll tie my Redhead Nymph. I didn't get a whole lot of fishing in this year but when I did, this one was money. Even outfished the infamous Camo Carey on some waters.
  10. I'll do it.

    If troutpocket will let me, I'll tie a little red leech. After that I'll tie a beadhead stillwater nymph.

  11. What do you think about when to close? Since it's an obvious busy time of year I think we can still get a dozen tyers in the next week or two.
    Maybe close the swap New Year's Eve or when ever we get a dozen tyers, which ever comes first?
  12. Close the swap whenever you feel is right Steeli. New Years Eve works for me. My flies are tied and ready to mail. If we do not get a dozen tiers, I guess you will be getting a few extra flies.

  13. Do it, Ira!
  14. If its the 13th, I'm in with a sea run reverse spider.
  15. How many? Two per tier minus yourself? So 22 bugs?

  16. I'd like to get in, have couple patterns that did well this year. One salt one fresh so I'll probably tie both.
  17. Personally I'm fine with two of same pattern or one each of two different patterns; total of 22 bugs.
    Originally was thinking just one a piece, which would be 11 bugs.

    So let's hear what you all prefer 11 bugs or 22?
    If 11 is a stretch just speak up.
  18. I'm in for 22, 11/11. My second pattern will be a pheasant tail chironomid. Took my personal best stillwater whitefish with this pattern at Hebgen Lake in September :beer1: . . .also many nice trouts.
  19. I can tie up an additional eleven flies. I will be tying a Polar Fibre Clouser. My largest fish and largest smallie of the year were caught on this pattern.

  20. I have a couple of October Caddis flies that were new for me this fall that had their moments. They aren't anything fancy but I'd join in if others are willing to put up with my mediocre tying skills.

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