2011 Best of Best Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Dec 14, 2011.

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    This is a best of 2011 swap. I do not really expect complex flies, I am hoping to get flies that catch fish. Both patterns I am tying are extremely basis. The Simiseal Leech uses one material. It is a basic pattern, but I literally caught hundreds of fish on this fly in 2011. Do the best you can, I am looking forward to seeing what you tie.

  2. I'll two of the same for everyone, because if you fish it right, you will want two of them. I'll tie the little red leech and then in the PM I'll reveal how I fish it and even where.

  3. I'm tying two patterns,Humpy Carl and a Halfback.It's gonna be awhile till the humpies show up, so I was sending two either way.

  4. I'm really looking forward to this. I will start out with 1 of each fly and if time allows I will double them up for everyone. The dry fly version takes a pretty good beating but when it was the hot fly one wouldn't last more than an hour or so.
  5. Sounds like the majority of us are good with 2s- count me in.
  6. I'll tie the same pattern in a different size/color.
  7. Are you going to post pictures? I want to steal your patterns. Is that ok with the forum?
  8. Just join in, then you get to see them up close and in person.
  9. My flies are not that pretty.
  10. Neither are mine but they catch fish and that's what it's all about. Also, by joining a fly swap it forces you to tie a lot of the same pattern. You will see an improvement in your tying by the time you finish the swap.
  11. This. Will improve your tying greatly. Just plan on tying a few extra and keep the rejects for yourself.
  12. I'll close the swap New Years Eve unless two more join in before then.
    Also this coming weekend I'll start sending mailing information; remember postage and envelopes.
    In addition to the standard fly toe tags remember to Pm or include as much information or as little you'd like to give out about your flies. I'll compile a summary for all to mail back with the bugs.
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your ties.
  13. Ah, just got back to my computer after a week away from home. If there's still room, count me in! Not sure what to tie yet though....probably an SRC fly as most of 2011 was in the salt.
  14. Welcome back; glad to have you in Mountaintrout. We're going with two different flies or 2x of same pattern for about 22 flies.. We've got a good selection of patterns!
  15. Sure why not. Im in. After going to irafly's chironomid clinic i got fired up about these little bugs. Ill tie the same pattern in two different colors. I fished these little guys at a few different lakes on a few different occasions and they were lights out.
  16. My flies are tagged and ready to go. Just waiting for a mailing address.

  17. You guys are so productive. I haven't even started yet. I'll start first thing Monday morning.
  18. All finished up. I need an addy. I'm sorry to the gents who have really received one of my chironomids in the past as one of these patterns will be the same. The other of which is a nice bright color and I have found the spiny tags can't resist the green one.
  19. I just sent address information to everyone. Let me know if you were missed...
    How's the rest of you doing?
    I've got my second pattern almost done; a variation to the original Montana bug. Both work very well.
  20. My nymphs are done. Bodies are done on other pattern, waiting on wing material to arrive(shipped thurs)

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