2011 Best of Best Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Finally have some tying time - I'll be tying a Silver Bullet variation that's one of my go-to SRC flies, and maybe a Johnson's Beach Fly.
  2. Mine are done. Coming your way soon.
  3. Mailing mine tomorrow am. Give me a heads up so I know you got em.

  4. Ron, flies arrived yesterday. Nice ties and toe tags.
    I'll keep updates posted on the original 'First' post as the rest of the bugs arrive.
  5. Mine were dropped off at the post office today
  6. I have 8 of each pattern complete. Ran out of hooks and had to make a run to pick up more. I'll finish them up this weekend & should have them mailed off come Monday.
  7. Done, and done. Same pattern essentially, but if you look close one is dubbed with marabou the other with squirrel fibers. Not sure it matters.

  8. I received Nailbender's yesterday and all the bugs are good ties.
    Looks like we're over half received now with few others finishing theirs up this weekend.
    How's the rest of you doing?
    Bugtyer and Troutpocket sent along a couple great writeups that will go out for us.
    Anyone can still PM any info they want included.
  9. I've finally started mine. Should finish up on Monday unless I do some while watching football.
  10. Just about done, should be mailed tomorrow. Second pattern switched to a 20-incher stone because double bead stone was too much of a pain in the ass.
  11. Finished up mine this afternoon. I'll drop them at the PO in the morning. Added the Camo Carey to the Red Headed Nymph. 90% of my fish this year came on those two flies. The other 10% were on chironomids, that should make Ira happy. :rofl:
  12. Yesterday got Rob's and Irafly's bugs which are all great ties once again.
    I've also got quite a few more good writeups PM'd to me for their bugs.
    Compiling the writeups is definitely going to take more than one page to include everyone's information.:thumb:nice.
  13. Well my ties won't be the prettiest flies in your box, but they will catch fish. I haven't gotten out much this new year yet so with clear calm weather today I figured I'd hit Lone for a bit. Hit the water around 12:30 and put a Camo Carey on the full sink and did a bit of casting and trolling over towards the small point. I use the CC a lot as a locator fly casting or trolling at different depths to locate fish. Didn't pick up any by the time I had gotten to the point so I switched to the redhead nymph. The conditions were perfect for the way I like to fish this fly. The wind was starting to pick up just a little as it does on Lone and I like to drift this fly across points and around drop offs just using the speed of the wind, using my fins only to keep me in line. I usually use a sink-tip line for this technique especially on Lone where the water is pretty shallow. If I'm fishing deeper water or I know they are feeding real deep then I will use the full sink for this also. The main thing is to just let the wind move you and keep your fly at the depth you need. Once I am in the area I want to be and moving nicely with the wind I give the nymph some short quick twitches periodicaly. This is usually when you will get a strick. I had gone across the point once and was going a little deeper the second time when I felt the wonderful tug. I set the hook and the fish felt pretty strong. Got it in the measure net and it was a nice thick 20" fish. Was able to get a pic of the fly in his mouth right before he shook it loose. One of my buddies from the Island Fly Club happened to be out and I asked him to snap a shot of me with the fish as I usually fish alone and don't get many pics of nice fish. The sun had slipped behind the clouds and it was starting to get colder so I headed home for lunch.
  14. Mine didn't make to the mail until yesterday morning. Hopefully they will reach you today or tomorrow. I apologize for the last minute delivery.
  15. I finally dropped mine in the mail this afternoon. I guess someone had to be last....
  16. The final set should arrive today. I've been compiling some good fly stories and now up to three pages you'll get. This weekend will get them all divided and ready to mail on Tuesday as no mail Monday. Not to spoil a surprise but think you're all going to dig these bugs and writeups. Great flies, great info.
  17. Here's the bugs being divided up yesterday.
    Just need to track down some postage, few mailing envelopes and they'll be off in the mail.
  18. No cat but a dog.
    High up kitchen counter a necessity.
    All packaged up and dropped off at local Post Office yesterday so should start arriving today or tomorrow...but of course there is some snow out there to contend with.
  19. We have about 6-7 inches so I'm not expecting them until around Thursday. Looks like a bunch of great bugs!!
  20. Got mine today great flies, enjoyed the write ups. Thanks to Steeli for hosting and to everyone else for the patterns.


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