2011 Best of Best Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. steeli

    steeli Member

    Just in case any of you are wondering when you get your flies, you'll see Nailbender had the plastic packages with two flies. I was towards the end of dividing up when notice he'd labeled each one with a name. The flies were all the same so didn't take the time to hunt real name vs. online name. Again just in case..
  2. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Mine arrived!! What a great bunch of flies and the info is super. Big "thank you" to Daryn for hosting. Can't wait for a better stretch of weather to give them a try.
  3. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    No mail delivery for me today :(
  4. troutpocket

    troutpocket Active Member

    Thanks everyone! Got the goods yesterday. I'll be putting them to use as soon as I can.
  5. Shawn West

    Shawn West Active Member

    My flies were waiting for me when I returned home from work last night. Well done by all!!!! As far as quality goes, this is by far the best swap I have been a part of. Thanks to all for participating. A special thank you to Steeli foe putting this together.

  6. steeli

    steeli Member

    Did Rob and the rest get your bugs?
    I think this was one of the best swaps also. Great ties and info with them, everyone got bugs sent in on time, and the swapmeister appreciates the postage and envelopes to cover all. Special thanks to a few of you who threw in some extras bugs for me. Thanks to everyone.
  7. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Yup, came the 19th. I echo all of the above sentiments. Great swap/great ties.
  8. TD

    TD Active Member

    I got mine! Some great looking flies guys. Can't wait to wet a line with them.
  9. Irafly

    Irafly Active Member

    Been out of town, got mine! Nice ties.
  10. MountainTrout

    MountainTrout Bacon-wrapped trout?

    I was out of town all last week, but had a box full of awesome flies waiting for me when I got back Saturday night. They all look great!