2011 Hoh Down possible seats needed

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I will know more by next week. But would love to put just one vet/soldier to a boat. We will double up a few who are regulars. LOL. But may need a seat or two. If you'd be willing to donate a seat or two for Saturday (think the 20th) it would be appreciated.
  2. Count me in. Only thing I'll ask is that one of the two people in my boat has to be able to tow my boat. I can provide the 2" hitch.
  3. Jerry, please consider me an option too. I do not know yet what the rowing situation will be but I likely will have my 14' cataraft and a solo boat. I think I'll be there on Thursday, maybe not until late, but should be there through Sunday.
  4. Ed, you should have Jesse row your butt down the river. Then tell him how poorly set up his new drifter is.
  5. Does Jesse have a new drifter? Interesting...possible payback...but didn't YOU put him up to busting my ballz for tinkering with my cataraft to accomodate him comfortably up front in my boat? Should I be busting on him or on you?
  6. Jessie bought a 17' alumaweld driftboat. So he will have guys in his boat. Hopefully we will have an extra vehicle Jeff to take your boat.
  7. :thumb:
  8. I too may have seats open on the boat. I'll be bringing my 17' Northriver.
  9. As of right now (spoke with Chuck Tye at Cabelas today) I think we will be good on seats. We'll have a final count as of this Tuesday and will know for sure. :) So will let you all know then.

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