2011 NW PHWFF 2 fly tournament was a success! Thank you WFF'ers!!!!

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Just got home from a long weekend. My journey started Thursday night with my family and my PHWFF family member Chuck Tye. Settled in for the night, and setup Friday morning. We were joined by many familiar faces and some new faces both PHWFF and WFF. The highlight of the event was we were to get Les Johnson back to the event and back on the water fishing in a driftboat!

    I could go over all the details, what we did, how we fished, and how we had a great time in camp both before and after fishing. But I'll leave that up to those who were there. My main reason for this post was to simply say THANK YOU!!!!! If it wasn't for the donations (both monetary and support in camp/river) it wouldn't near be the success that it was.

    I have a long list of thank you's. If I miss you, I apologize. Had so much help that I may miss someone.

    Chris Scoones! You're da man, can't say thank you enough (shut up you bastage, I'm gonna say it anyways so take it). His generosity in so many ways helped get this event off the ground.

    Mumbles, Jeff Bandy, J. Michelle Swope, Paul Singer, Nomlasder, Jim Allen, Buck, Rick Sharp, JS, Jim Henderson, Alex MacDonald, Stewart, FlyRodney, Connor H, and Don Childs for being rower/judges (I'm hoping I didn't forget anyone). A SUPER big thank you for those who helped last minute by piling on when I was losing boats and a SUPER DUPER thank you to Don for literally stepping up to row for us at 0 hour when we had a last minute pullout by a rower.

    Then of course there were those of us behind the scenes. Bob Jones helped with registration, Kcahill helped around camp and was the important shuttle for Buck who took Les Johnson and his wife for the day. Of course my favorite sous chef in the kitchen Bitteroot stepped up for the challenge of all those dutch ovens again (and the heat coming off that kitchen) and Dave Alberts for helping around kitchen and cutting the ribeyes (even though he was on the river all day in a team). Steve02 piled on board to help around camp as well as an all around volunteer. Can't forget O'rad who was doing the photography for us this year. Chad Lewis came on as a volunteer, but we had a spot open up and put him in as a Vet on a boat (yet he too still helped in camp).

    I think I got everyone who posted up on the board they were helping (I do really apologize if I forgot anyone). There were alot of volunteers, so if by chance you were a volunteer and post here I apologize (not sure if some were on here or some came through fly clubs). Still a bit tired after this long but so worthwhile weekend. Again, I can't tell you all enough how grateful I am for all you've done to help this organization. I hope the smiles and goodwill amongst the vets and volunteers made it an event you'd come to again and again. You all ROCK!

    And yes, there will be a 2012 NW PHWFF 2 Fly event. :)

    Pictures to be put up soon. Also, any of you who took pics, please upload them to the WFF gallery (Link to the 2 fly category) or email them to me at nwriverfisherman@prodigy.net . :)
  2. Jerry, thank you for your hard work, for putting out great food and most importantly for supporting such a worthy cause!

    It was an honor and a lot of fun to help. I enjoyed seeing and meeting so many great folks. (I really enjoyed chatting with Les Johnson. He has a great sense of humor.)

    I'll be there next year!

  3. Sorry I missed it. Hopefully next year I can make it out. But most importantly, which boat won?
  4. Jerry--
    I can think of at least two people who's names wern't listed in your post...namely, Jerry Daschofsky and Chuck Tye! You guys are the glue that keeps the program moving forward! THANK YOU both!! Special mention also belongs to Matt and Brad for their hard work--especially during set up...they along with "Mom Daschofsky" and Mackinzie, were alway there with a smile and ready to help! Thanks guys!

    The event was exceptionally well planned and the food, as usual, was exceptional! I hope everyone else enjoyed the event as much as I did!

    Please put me on the "worker bee" list for next year!

  5. Rich Sharps boat with Leo (US Army) and Craig (Volunteer) bothh from my Ft Lewis WTB.
  6. Jerry, you and Chuck are amazing to co ordinate this event and pull it off like you did. The planning that you both do for this event really shows. It made it so easy for those of us who volunteered. What a fantastic group of people. Fun weekend can’t wait till next year. See you all then.
  7. A good time for sure, got to meet a lot of good people, including the highlight of the trip over getting to help Les fish for the day, I think that went really well.

    I also got to learn a lot on Friday when I went out with Buck, I had never fished with a Thingamabobber so it was a whole entertaining experience floating the river with him. I got to practice my LDR a whole lot. I will let Buck tell the rest. :rofl:

    It was also nice hooking up and talking to some other guys that enjoy warm water fishing, hopefully I will get to meet up with Orangeradish and some of the vets I talked to and get some pike\muskie\bass fishing in.

    edit: And when we say thanks to Jerry it is really to his whole family, they were there busting their ass with the rest of the volunteers the whole time, thanks again.
  8. Ah Ellie. Wasn't sure if you lurked or had an account. You helped out a lot in camp. Thank you. You are definitely welcome next year. :)
  9. The Two-Fly was a great event. I decided to go with the vague notion of doing something nice for somebody else. It was so much better than that. There's a good chance I'll be making my first fly fishing for salmon trip with "my" vet next month. There wasn't enough time to meet everybody, but I made about 50 new friends. I'd love to do it again. Thanks to everyone who donated and to all the PHW volunteers for what they're doing for our veterans.
  10. I'd like to thank all involved and especially being given the opportunity to spend such a great day with two great people on my boat, Craig is such an excellent caster, never a worry from the back of the boat and Leo was a real joy having in the front of the boat, very entertaining and his ability to communicate with all the recreational rafters all the while not missing a beat and or a fish it made for a great day for me. I'd like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to enjoy such a great day on the river, looking forward to next time.
  11. I had a great time on this trip, thanks Jerry. Also, I sent to you the pics I had taken over the weekend, let me know if you didn't get them.

    Thanks everyone else for such an enjoyable weekend, I met a lot of really great people.

    Thanks KCahill for hanging with me, I had a great time fishing...and ya people, the guy learned to fish the Yak in about an hour (I mean well)! KCahill did have several LDR, but next time! Oh ya, he's a hook setter, so if your rowing, watch out! And to the trout that he launched over the bow on the hook-set, that's what it's like to fly! :rofl:

    Ok, one great story.
    Me and Dennis, (a volunteer and a hell of a fishy guy), went fishing Saturday night from Big Horn to Red's. Our plan, catch fish, and if we run out of light, push through and get to the take-out. After two days of being on the sticks, Dennis rowed me, and I got to fish. :thumb: Hell ya, it's on. I caught 4 bows, missed a couple of takes, and had a LDR or two, not too bad for a couple hour float, but, it got dark, real dark, so we started to push. We got to Red's and to avoid the tree limb sticking out at the take out, we went around and rowed in, but, we didn't make it. At 4,200 CFS the bow quickly bounced off the bank and I desperately grabbed at anything I could and I took a huge clump of earth with me. We kept moving, oh shit! It being pitch black, this was going the wrong direction:beathead:. The boat did a 360 again and I grabbed a smallish sage-like bush, this time it precariously held, and the boat was swerving and itching to break free. I yelled up to other fly guys just coming in to the take out that we missed it. One guy yelled back "I got ya!" He jumped in chest high and pulled us back up to the take out. Wholly Crap! I thanked him profusely, and if your here, thanks again. That could have gotten ugly, i'm glad it didn't.

    Back to PHW...
    What an honor and a privilege to row Les and his wife down the river, what a beautiful day. Thanks KCahill for helping me.

    It was nice meeting you guys, Ed, Jason, Chris, Chuck, Jerry, Keith, J. Michelle, Don, Dennis, and everyone else, I had a great time. :thumb:
  12. Impressive effort. Impressive people! Already looking forward to PHWFF 2 Fly 2012.
  13. I'm just getting home from the long weekend. Great group of folk from all different angles. I'm humbled to be a part of it, make some new friends and share time with some familiar faces. This year's event was even better than last years, except for my boat not coming through with the title. Congrats to the winning boat, to the participants and volunteers. Everyone won this weekend because the event was such a huge success.

    Thank the KOA and local fly shops that chipped in all kinds of perks, giveaways and support by bringing your business dollars their way. This event could not be as successful without their support too.
  14. Thanks for everybodys efforts to make this a good time had by all! As always, It was an honor to be a very, very small part of it.:thumb:
  15. I have to give great credit to the ladies who added so much to the successful completion of the registration set up. Ellie and Mollie Did the work and kept coming up with Ideas that would make everything easier. They made planning next years a great improvement to the record keeping and scoriing. They also kept me from screwiinig up everything so I had to do very littlle but to enjoy the program.
  16. I'm super grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with and give back to our veterans' community; what a great thing! Jerry, Chuck and the crew are amazing people putting together an incredible event! After two days of serious rowing for the first time this season, my hands are pretty trashed, but wouldn't trade it for the world!!
  17. Good times. Editing the photos tonite.
  18. Had a great time. Dr. Bill and Ryan were total work horses. Kept at it tell the end. They kept their cool wile we pulled that guy out of the river too. I hope to fish with them again sometime.

    Wish I could have stayed and fished with you guys on Sunday. You know what they say. Happy wife = happy life. Hod was the fishing?
  19. Lots of fished rolled again on Sunday. Problem with rowing Jason around, he rolls them but can't stick it to them. I think he has committment issues. He, Ben and I had a great day. Ben got one in the canyon. Traffic sucked on the way home so we got off and fished some more up in the upper river areas.
  20. Thanks Jerry and Chuck for putting the whole thing together. It was a great event and I got to meet lots of great people. Glad I was able to help out at the last minute. Looking forward to next year and hope to put some fish in the net for the vets.

    Thanks again, you all rock!


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