2011 NW PHWFF 2 fly tournament

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  1. (from Chuck Tye)

    Hello all,

    It is that time again to start getting ready for the 2nd Annual Project Healing Waters 2 Fly on the Yakima River. There will be more emails to follow as we get further into the planning but here are details we know;

    Who: Northwest Project Healing Waters veterans and volunteers.

    What: 2 Fly Fishing Contest ((same venue as last year. 1 vet, 1 volunteer per drift boat (=’s a team) with two flies each only 2 patterns. The drift boat rower is also the rower/judge. Each team will have a section of the river to fish in a set timeframe. More to follow on the venue and rules))

    When: Saturday 20 August 2011.

    Where: Yakima River Washington is the river to be fished. We will be staying at the Ellensburg KOA group tent area on Friday and Saturday night (19-20 August). No change from Last year and yes Jerry D. will be the camp chef for the event. (If you don’t fish you will be a fool not to eat his chow)

    Why: Because we can and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

    *****Last note, if you would like to donate prizes for our participants (either as an award or a raffle prize) contact me and I will square you away. :) Thank you all for your help.....Jerry your friendly (sometimes) Moderator. ;)
  2. That is so awesome to hear that I can mark the date on the calendar. Last year was awesome and this year can only be better. Thanks for the early post so we can get our shit squared away for this amazing event.

  3. Agreed with Ryan and got things almost ready now. This has got to be one of the best things a person can do to honor their contry and the men who served when needed, and continue to serve now.And on top of that we get to fish and eat and meet the old and new friends that will be there. Happy Fishing!!
  4. Jerry, I would love to make the event this year. What do I need to do?
  5. I'm in for set up, cooking , clean up, ferrying etc. I am also working on an auction item. If you are short on volunteers I can also bring the event to my American legion or VFW post, most of those guys are not fishy but always willing to help fellow veterans.

  6. Jerry, told you yesterday and told Chuck too...I am IN for anything needed of me. My family will be on vacation without me. I know where I'll be that whole weekend! Jesse and Jason for a repeat? I'll find some items that deserve a good home too. Let me know the deal for contributing some lightly used stuff.
  7. Jeff we may need boats. But we can put you on a list for volunteers. Can find something for you.

    Ed, all donations can be filtered through me or Chuck. I need to start hitting up the shops for donations too.
  8. In like flynn. I took Sunday off, so I'll be there from Fri-Sun. I can row/fish/shoot. Whatever you want. This was one of the best weekends I had last year, so I'm super-mega-stoked for this year.
  9. Wish i could help with this but Im buried in stuff here.
  10. Jerry, I'm in for donating for the event. I'm already booked with clients that weekend, but I'll still donate what I can. Let me know.
  11. Count me in too!Send me some info through a PM.
  12. As of right now there's not much more info. It's too early to assign jobs or boats. We will definitely need quite a few boats that can seat one fore, one aft. We will definitely need help running shuttles, serving food, etc etc etc.
  13. I can provide 2 drift boats/oarsmen. We would launch at the base of the diversion dam (on my property) and float to either Mcmanamy Rd. ( 2 mi.), or the KOA ( 5 mi.). For such a worthy cause, I'd be happy to make the diversion dam to Mcmanamy Rd. section of the river available, which is off-limits to boating access because boats must pull-out above the diversion Dam.

    I can also provide comfortable accomodations for several participants and still participate in the activities at the KOA.
  14. Thank you Bob, that's VERY generous. May have to contact you about a few things. I'll have to talk to Chuck about our flots, we try to keep them in 5-10 mile floats depending on water levels (last years high levels made the 5 mile float too short).
  15. Last year's floats were short, so we improvised successfully. Last years floats were also in the middle of the hot day. I'd be interested in seeing us draw two beats. Fish one early, awesome break for lunch and then fish another late. More complicated for the shuttle process, but I bet others would be game in supporting such an adventure.
  16. Ed, we're talking about getting you guys on the water ALOT earlier. Depending on water levels, increasing the float to double beats (which of course would make it two continous stretches). Just logistically we could be doing a nonstop shuttle if we did two floats. Plus, my equiptment will be tied up prepping the big meal that night. :)
  17. Jerry, I'm just greedy and you know it. Early would likley mean a nymph or doulbe nymph game. Later would likley mean a hopper, hopper dropper or hopper dry game. I like both games too much to compromise.

    I'll gladly take two consecutive beats, or one much longer one with more hours from launch to recovery. I'll also gladly put a grill, cooler full of vittles and drinks and make a three or four hour mid day stop for the heat of the day. It seems we are always leaving the water just as the fishing should be getting going.
  18. Well, we want to get you guys on water and fishing well before the bikini hatch. LOL. But, if we do back to back beats, it'll keep you on the water longer. Chuck and I are talking over some rules and some benefits for teams who check in early. We would like to get as many up there on Friday checked in to relieve the pressure of check ins on Saturday morning.
  19. Nymphs...bikini hatches...dries...dinner...bonfire. Excellent plan.
  20. I can be available with a 16' drift boat fly fishing model if needed

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