2011 NW PHWFF 2 fly tournament

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  1. (from Chuck Tye)

    Hello all,

    It is that time again to start getting ready for the 2nd Annual Project Healing Waters 2 Fly on the Yakima River. There will be more emails to follow as we get further into the planning but here are details we know;

    Who: Northwest Project Healing Waters veterans and volunteers.

    What: 2 Fly Fishing Contest ((same venue as last year. 1 vet, 1 volunteer per drift boat (=’s a team) with two flies each only 2 patterns. The drift boat rower is also the rower/judge. Each team will have a section of the river to fish in a set timeframe. More to follow on the venue and rules))

    When: Saturday 20 August 2011.

    Where: Yakima River Washington is the river to be fished. We will be staying at the Ellensburg KOA group tent area on Friday and Saturday night (19-20 August). No change from Last year and yes Jerry D. will be the camp chef for the event. (If you don’t fish you will be a fool not to eat his chow)

    Why: Because we can and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

    *****Last note, if you would like to donate prizes for our participants (either as an award or a raffle prize) contact me and I will square you away. Thank you all for your help.....Jerry your friendly (sometimes) Moderator.
  2. I'll be there for KP duty, truck shuttle, and what every else needs to happens.

    - Thomas
    OIF Veteran
  3. Chuck and I are doing a recon trip this weekend. Will get stuff squared away at the KOA, flyshops, and some locals who are helping out in the E'burg area. :)
  4. Jerry & Chuck

    I was great to see you both at Troutwater Fly Shop in Ellensburg. I am looking forward to patricipating in this years event. I will be there with my boat and room for two awsome anglers. And as always I thank you for your work with Project Healing Waters and for your service. this is such an awsome cause, nothing more rewarding than having a vet tell me he had a great day on the water!!! They have done so much for all of us, it is the very least I can do....

    Jim Allen

    P.S. I will need a new hat! The old one is getting very worn...
  5. Yes SIR! New hat will be presented at the 2 fly. :)

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