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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Stick point is smokin hot right now
  2. Chum filter into the streams. Farther south you go in Puget Sound, later the runs. But the runs in the GH streams usually start around first part of November and start peaking around Thanksgiving. Streams are packing up. Especially the small creeks that aren't open to fishing are FULL of chum right now (I know, I get to see the streams the rest of you don't ;) ). I saw A LOT of fish caught at Minter this last week. A lot of boots at that. But some nice fresh fish too. Just the place is a zoo. If you have a boat, try fishing the bubbles or just inside the inlet at the incoming tide.
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  3. Got out on a hood canal beach this morning. Started with my five weight and a popper and promptly got a nice cutt about 12". As the tide went out I started to see a few chum around but couldn't find any takers. Was a nice quiet morning on the water though and cool to see those chum cruising around unharrassed.
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  4. Sounds sweet to me. But just 12 inches? Glad you didn't post a pix I would have to tell you what a small fish it was. Now that was a wise ass remark from a guy that has only landed one Cut in his life. I do know what you mean about watching the Chum. That is so cool. It is like they don't even see you or maybe it is they don't really care that your there.
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  6. Thanks for the info Mike, interesting.... I guess they thought salmon didn't exist before hatcheries. unbelievable!
    Well at least they were honest about being snaggers, that's kind of refreshing...I guess?
  7. You have to want to know about the Salmon. Up untel 4 or 5 months ago I had no idea that there were 5 different salmon and 3 different trout that went to the Salt. I have spent a lot of time reading about this fishery, as well as being told about it by my friend Tom Burns. Different salmon eat different foods. What? Not only do you need different flys but you need different Wt rods, and lines, and reels. Let me tell you for a beginner there is a lot to remember. If all your going to do is snag a few fish you just need to know where to go and when to go there and how to yank as they swimm by. Oh you also need to be able to bitch about how much harder fishing has gotten since they outlawed treble hooks.
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  8. I'm not smart enough to post a link from my phone so I'll just bring this back from the dead.

    LOTS of great information in this thread.
  9. Ah, thanks Nick.

    Pretty funny to open this up and see that I was the one that started this thread. How far (and at the same time not so far) I've come.

    I never did land a chum last year, although a variety of thing got in the way of that happening. Hopefully that changes this year.

    I haven't read back over all of this, but I remember it being pretty helpful.

  10. Thanks for bumping this. As this is my first year saltwater flyfishing, this will be very helpful. Unfortunately, my job will be on hiatus for a few months, upside is a lot more time for fishing late this fall. Also a lot more time to peruse this forum and try to absorb the wealth of experience and knowledge that has been deposited here! :)

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