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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. I sure hope some one will be nice enough to at least send him a hint via PM. A lot of great guys shared some places with me that made for a wonderful first coho fall in Seattle. If I knew I would let you in on at least a general area.
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  2. There are a number of well known places to pick up chum in the Puget Sound and Hood Canal. The two most popular were already listed but there are plenty more. A quick search should find a good list of them. He already listed places that will provide good chum fishing and that's why they're crowded - they have good fishing. People aren't usually willing to give up their favorite off the radar haunts.
  3. There is a big difference between coming here and asking for pointers as a new guy, and coming here asking for secret spots. If all he wanted was a chance at a chum or two I would gladly point him in the direction of the places he named. But he made it clear that he knew where to catch them bit was hoping someone would point him towards a more secluded, lesser known spot. Well that's just not going to happen.

    Start like all the rest of us....find some well known places and pound them hard. Get some maps, get familiar with Google earth, establish a network of other fishy friends...it'll start to come together. If you're looking for a hand out you're probably barking up the wrong tree

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  4. Hey Gil,

    I'm sure no one will give up spots. As Nick said, no one wants their spot to become one of those combat zones. Since I can see you're new to the board, I'll say a better question to ask would be what types of water or areas to look for. A lot of people have mentioned estuaries already. I'd guess that one could look for rivers that have good Chum runs, and then either fish those estuaries or maybe smaller estuaries nearby.
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  5. And in pops Jason showing us all how a good attitude and asking the right type of questions can go a long way for someone learning this game. .

    Jason is one of us who is trying to learn all this and he has gone about it exactly right. I'd highly suggest you search out the posts he has started lately and get an idea of how this forum can be used to great benefit.
  6. Plus combat zones can be pretty funny sometimes!
  7. Only saw a few cars and anglers at Hoodsport as I drove by Wednesday afternoon. Tide was high as I drove down the Canal, and it looked like nothing was happening at any of the other spots that I checked.
    Floated a Grays Harbor trib for Coho on Thurs. Had 5 Coho hookups on spinners (one was just a grab and a couple of full body thrashes, and not a good hook-up), but they all got off. My fishing partner had similar luck. Great fishing, but lousy catching. (Except for a nice searun cutt that I C&R'd, using my 6 wt, and another that my buddy caught on a Coho jig and released).
    One angler we spoke with had released a Chum.
  8. I'll give up a spot as a freebie for all the noobies: Minter Creek. Its just stuffed full of them, Go get em!
  9. Minter Creek is awesome. It is the only place I've ever seen anyone fishing with a motorcycle helmet on.
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  10. ^haha I was going to say....lots of fish, but it makes Chico look uncrowded!
  11. thanks for your help
  12. Yes oh yes, "minter is one of the most secluded chum spots in washington, just serenity and tranquility, Undemanding contact in your happy solitude"

    ..even if there is someone there with a motorcycle helmet on, something has to protect you from the hardware being thrown from the bridge above! Hahaha
  13. He had full leathers on as well. Likely his idea of a lead shrapnel protection fishing outfit. Minter is the bomb!
  14. The same people that enjoy Minter during the Chum craziness probably plan on going to Disneyland in late June or July. Same crowds and lines, too!
  15. He did ask where besides Chico and Hoodsport... I was being helpful. Don't forget to bring your Barbie rod when 20 of your neighbors break it out for Chum-A-Thon.
  16. Went to Hood Sport today to fight some Chum. The crowd wasn't to bad but the fishing was horrible, only saw 3 fish landed. At high tide I caught a 8 pound, Coho hen. She made the lack of Chum manageable because I brought home some unplanned dinner. Checked out Minter on the way home and didn't see anything, only a matter of time.
  17. I've seen that on the Cowlitz too.
  18. Ed,
    Isn't Minter Creek a Cowlitz tributary? That might explain the helmet wearing thing. ;)
  19. PSP, nice job on the coho. That would be a welcome surprise when chum fishing! I was out doing other stuff over there yesterday and stopped by Hoodsport. Didn't see much activity. Checked another spot and there wasn't a lot of activity there either.
  20. You guys are making me wish I still worked over in Bremerton. Not much chumming I can do before/after work now that it's getting dark.

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