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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. I'm sure I wasn't looking for a "hand out" as someone implied. And yes I can look at a map like anyone else and figure out potential spots to fish. I have fished other places besides Hoodsport and Chico and sometimes I have found fish there and sometimes not. My problem is the rude and unfriendly way in which he answered my question. If someone asked me the same question I might of said something like I prefer not to answer that in a public forum but feel free to contact me off list.
  2. Have to agree with Jon. From the sounds of it, doesn't seem like there's much in the way of chum to be found in Seattle, which is a bummer. I've been missing the early mornings at the beach, casting in the dark. Looks like, for now, it's a weekend game--although I haven't even had the chance to get out on the weekend lately.

  3. Hey Gil,

    I don't think it really had anything to do with you. I think people just get a little wary when someone's first post is asking for info like that. A lot of those happen on the forum, and with nothing else to go on (since folks haven't had the chance to see other posts from you or engage in conversation about the fishery), people--understandably, I think--get a little salty (pun intended).

    I think it's safe to say that folks know you weren't looking for a hand-out. If you can, spend some more time on the saltwater forum, sharing some fishing stories, and all that. As I've said elsewhere, the group that seems to hang out regularly in the saltwater forum are a bunch of great guys--not all political and crazy like in the main forum sometimes, and not all agro like in the steelhead forum. It's a relatively small and pretty fanatic group as well. Hopefully you'll find it useful and interesting enough to hang around and add to the mix.

    Cheers, and good luck with the chum this season. I've yet to get out, but just got a big bunch of flies from a member that I can't wait to try out.

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  4. Yeah I agree on the floater, unless it's really windy then a slow intermediate will help you keep a tight line. The take is often really soft. I've seen them just pick it up in their mouth like you would your fingers. No more weight than a bead chain or even no weight. I prefer purple, black or cerise in small flies. If that doesn't work then I sometimes go the other way with a large bunny strip fly. Also when you can, get as far into where the fresh fish are coming in. They quickly get spooked by other fishermen and activity and become lock jawed.
  5. I've had decent luck on black and purple combo, size 6, in the lower coastal rivers.

    I find that when beach fishing, other anglers moving in on your action often will spook all your fish away. One of these days I might just snap when that happens. As it is now, the closer they get, the wilder my casting becomes.

    If I pull up at a certain smaller creek mouth I like to fish, and there's not really enough room for me to access the action without crowding the other 4 or 5 anglers already there, and spooking the fish, then I move on or wait, and tell myself to get there earlier next time. If there's only 2 or 3 guys there ahead of me, then maybe I'll quietly try to find me a spot.
    I subscribed to this ethic after having "new" guys approaching the lineup get too close and spook all the fish in front of me. I'm not going to be "that guy" who spooks the fish for the other anglers.
  6. <p>

    I tell ya what Gil, since you are so in support of discussing these things on internet forums, why don't you go ahead and list the "other places" you have fished so thath we can all check these places out and determine if they are worth fishing on a regular basis.
    I'm sorry, you claim to not be looking for a hand out, but that is exactly how I read your post. Your first post, mind you. "Hey, I know the major places to fish for chum... but where else can I go? " If that's not looking for a hand out, what is?
    You also referred to Chico and Hoodspot as "combat" fisheries.... Well my original post is not far off. How do you think these popular combat fisheries are created? Yes, they have good fishing obviously, but the combat crowds wouldn't know where to go if nobody talked about them.
    Face it, you showed up with your VERY FIRST POST, claimed that you already knew where to go to catch chum, but wanted to know where else you could go... and then have the nerve to get upset because you don't get a warm, fuzzy response? Give me a freakin break.
  7. Thanks Jason. I look forward to participating in the forum. I have a little bit experience and hope that I can make a contribution. I have heard that there are decent chum runs on the Chilliwak and the Thompson in lower B.C. and might be interested sharing expenses with someone who is interested in doing a road trip.
  8. I wasn't aware chums were a rare fish with fishing spots to be only shared like secret handshakes. Is Hoodsport going to be even more crowded with mentioning the name?? Some people will have company as I have shared 5 or 6 locations and general timing of the runs.

    Who knows... taking a guy to a spot with fish might pay dividends as they might know something about a fishery you'd want info on.

    Also, another tip would be join a local fly club and get invited along on club outings or trips.

    NOTE: This post isn't meant as a slam against any particular person.
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  9. I don't think there are "secret" chum spots, but there are obviously ones that are much more well known than others. With limited space at all these locations, it sucks for everyone if it's too crowded to fish.

    You'll find most people on here are more than willing to help out especially after you've been around a while and start meeting some folks. People will be less likely to give out their favorite spots to people they don't know at all.
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  10. A boat can get you away from the crowds.

    Locally, in the tidal creeks that I paddle and fish in, I look for freshly arrived pods near the "head of tidewater." Since we can't keep 'em out here any more, there aren't as many folks targeting them. I'm talking about fish that headed upstream with the same tide that I did. They seem to be more willing to bite before they move upstream more to find some spawning area. The next best biters are those in the pools just upstream that may have been there for a little longer, but have not yet found their spot to make a nest. Once I see them on their redds or in the act of spawning, I leave them alone. They will spawn low in the river, often just above tidewater, and in the lower sections of small tributary creeks near the head of tidewater, too.
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  11. I have no secret spots as most of you may know I have just started fly fishing as well as Salmon fishing. I have read 4 or 5 books and they all say the same thing. Chum hit very light you will feel a tap tap then your line will go strate. I went to one of the well known Chum spots this afternoon. The fish with no middle finger were jumping all around me. I have a Green Winnie on a floating line a 12lb leader with a 2X tip. This is all set on my #8 rod with 240 yards of 20lb backing. I'm doing the slow jurk strip and tap tap. The next strip my line is tight. I lift my rod out of the water to set the hook. I know the Chum is going to run for deeper water and I need to make sure there are no knots in my line as i feed it out through my guids and get the fish on the drag. All this is going through my mind at once. I have set the hook too hard and am off balance. My Chub turns out to be a bull head and both my boots are stuck in this vice called estuary mud. I loose my footing and I'm in the water. Just thought I would tell you all about my first try at estuary fishing. This mud is a bitch. There were two other fly fisher men/woman and ther were nice enough not to laugh at an old man on his butt in the water.
  12. Sorry about falling in the water - that mud can be nasty stuff! I had a couple heart racing strikes from a bullhead this weekend too! haha I've had this while Chum fishing and when a shaker hits while coho fishing with the light biting coho this year.
  13. Hah Yeah, I definitely sore lipped more than a few hard hitting shakers this season. I plan to go play around in the mud after work. Hopefully I manage to stay upright.
  14. It really is a shame there is no mud to play around in the central Seattle beach area. So sad. :( I sorely miss getting out of work in a mad rush to get to the beach.
  15. Anyone doing any good on the Chum? I was out yesterday morning fishing the end of the out going into the start of the incoming tide. Tried 4 different patterns/colors. Not so much as a pick up. Oh ya didn't fall on my butt once. I'm getting better at this Chum fishing. Just have to try some Chum catching.
  16. So Nick you stopped falling also. Glad for you.
  17. Before people get all butt hurt over sharing or not sharing, our forum is intended for sharing and interacting. That does not imply that the holy grail will be shared immediately.

    Gill, welcome. Meet some of the gang. It might help if you labeled where you are from or near. That might affect someone in your vicinity meeting up or starting a conversation with you.

    Rather than getting snarky in the thread, someone could have started a conversation with Gill and explained some of this. Others need not fuel the fire, do you?

    Gill, I live in Kitsap county. Here we have a few good chum runs into creeks that are easy to see on a decent map. Some get crowded fast. There are also a few points that jut into the path of creek bound chum, a fine place to cast and intercept them as they meander home. If you have questions about specific places you know or have heard of, my mail box is open.

    Map and leg work is good, but these places are not that hard to find or figure out.
  18. I saw an enormous increase in pressure at our local beach during the silver season that just so happen to coincide with a bunch of specific forum posts, my own included. While it is no secret spot by any means I believe it ended up on certain folks radar because of reports that were too specific. I posted several such reports. I learned my lesson.

    I am always glad to help people out and share what I have learned. And a pm can always do wonders....but I personally wont be naming specifics any longer.
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  19. Ed. I'm in Poulsbo area. I'm up for coffee, a beer or a glass of? I would really like to meet up with some of the guys. I'm not trying to steal any of you spots. I would just like to have someone that has the same interests to talk to So far I have meet the guys over at the fly shop in Poulsbo. Great bunch of guys. In fact Richard Stoll and I went to the same high school. Didn't know each other but knew some of the same guys. As I said when I first signed on I'm not a young man. If anyone is up for a pint drop me a line.

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