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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Ok I've got it figuered out. Chum do not hit anything at all i have been in the water throwing different flies at them with Chum jumping all around me. Never so much as a hit. You guys know where the ugly Chums that cant get layed go to commit suicide. You go down to these beaches and take Pix and post them to make us newbies think they can really be caught on a fly. Then you post all these different pix of flys to tye. Red nose, green body, purple tails. Then you hang in the back ground and say" look Fred we got another one using that dumb fly pattern thinking he can catch a Chum. I hope they never learn this is just too much fun". Am I right?
  2. Bag, I have done quite well this season fishing to those same fish. Let me know next time you get down there and maybe I could get down there and try to offer some help. This is my first go at chums so I'm learning as I go but I have been pretty successful and would be glad to help if I could
  3. Bagman,

    That's exactly how I was feeling about coho at the beginning of October! I'm going to be making my first outing for chum this weekend, so we'll see. Should be fun either way.

    Hope you are able to get it figured out.

  4. Bagman... there are distinctive phases new fly fisherman often go through here in the PNW when venturing out for sammy. You obviously are transitioning out of the flat denial phase and dipping into the 'wild and illogical conspiracy phase' . Did you get hazed in the military man . . . I think I see residue of days gone by!? if you live near hoodsport, I'll gladly hook up and show you what the 'set the hook & walk the doggy' phase looks like. You'll get the hang of it in no time and have a blast. I have had 30 fish days there in the Hood and went home dog tired! My right arm was 2 inches longer than the left and my forearm ached for two days. Confidence man . . . need some confidence.
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  5. Tony, Nick I would enjoy meeting up to try and teach a few flys how to swim with you. As I dont know how to send a Pm i ask that you PM me. No durning my time in Vietnam you did not haze anyone M16s fired in both directions. I was just making light of me not being able to hook a Chum. I have been fly fishing for 2 1/2 month. I have been fishing in WA for 2 1/2 months. I'm enjoying it very much. As you guys get to know me you will find I enjoy life and a good poke at fun. Life is a joy to me. I laugh at my self and try to find humor in my everyday life.
  6. you didn't think my post was funny? that's some of my best stuff. I spent 20+ years in the military, but were back home now - let's go catch some dogs! :)
  7. After I mentioned catching a bunch of small chrome silvers in the river last weekend, a friend suggested that we were selecting for smaller fish by commercial net mesh size.... Possible, I guess, but...?
  8. Tony, I only spent 3 years 5 months 13 days in. But who's counting. I spent 45 years working for the safety of our airman, as a govt. contractor. That's all behind me now. I will land a dog fish. Will I land it with no one around to see me do it? With no one to tell me there's is bigger then mine? As a surfer I have dropped over the edge of 25 foot waves. But I always knew I had someone to cover my back. At 65 I do not look forward to fishing alone.
  9. No worries Bagman - we're going to get ourselves (Jason too) some chum, however . . .
    Just looked at the tides for the weekend - does not look good for getting some beach at hoodsport. Do you get out on the water, or just fish from the gravel? I walk and Kayak.
  10. I only walk the gravel. I have not fished the Hood at all. Other the under the hood canal bridge for Cuts. In fact I got my first and only cut there. Shortly after that I hooked and landed a Silver and my life has changed for ever. Some of you guys have been at this forever, and can not remember the stoke of that first time you lifted your rod and felt that 6 lb Sliver run for parts unknown. It is still so fresh in my mind. I need to feel that rush again a Chum is needed. Please help this fish junky get I fix. don't feel sorry for me I brought this on myself. A rod then a reel, then a floating line then a slow sinking 1 to 2 in/sec. Is there a cure? I don't care I don't want to take it.
  11. Oh yeah.

    I've got plans for two different spots this weekend--one river and one salt. Who know what I'll find, but I'm not too worried about it. Both are places that I've never really been to before, so both days this weekend will be partially exploratory.

    Looking forward to trying some new flies and hopefully finding some dawgs!

    Why is there still two more days of work left til then?

  12. No cure man. No cure. I know for certain that I am absolutely hooked on silver fishing from the beach. That is something I will do every fall for the rest of my life.

    I just can't wait to land my first steelhead, then I'm sure it'll really be over.

    And from what I hear about how chums fight...forget about it.

    I'm an anadromous junky from here on out. If only there were a vein big enough to shoot fish into.

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  13. Im pretty bummed about the upcoming time change. Gonna put a halt to my weekday after work fishing adventures. I love me some winter, but this year I'm sad to see it come.

    Batman, Jason, your first doggies will come soon Im sure!! And Bag, I could catch.a million silvers between now and the rest of my life but under no circumstances will I EVER forget my first.
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  14. I fished my butt off in the rain today. No problem until the wind started to blow my fly back at me. I had a Chum fin not 3 feet from me. Twich twich slow long pull. Repeat. I will hook and land a Chum. Tomorrow does not look for crap. Maybe Fri?
  15. Was checking out a small urban creek today. Rollers and jumpers. Place at the mouth is for rent...considering that option. A more well trodden creek is within sight. A handful of rainy day anglers there. Did not see any rods bent, no hootin' and hollerin' and no fish on splashy ness.
  16. Fish on splashy ness is great, isn't it?

    Although an alternate reading of that might mean you've hooked into the Loch Ness monster, which might be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Probably a bit like hooking an Orca--you'll just have to point your rod and break it off either way.

  17. I've found that with the fresher, more aggressive fish that the twitch, twitch, long slow strip routine can be very effective, but I've found that longer, ultra slow strips have been the ticket for me. Especially when casting to a school. They are awfully easy to spook and I see a lot of guys out there stripping like they are fishing for silvers. I'm sure there are times they want a fast retrieve but in my very limited experience I think a lot of guys overdo it. Try going what you would consider slow....then cut it in half. Long, slow, steady strips just enough to keep a tight line and give it just a bit of motion....this is what has been working for me.

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  18. That is the kind of beach fishing that drives me crazy!

    I was just telling Porterhaus recently how I have such a hard time with that. I much prefer fishing a clouser or popper and stripping the hell out of it--or at least making it move.

    I'm gonna have to really work on my patience with the dogs I think. Not that I can't be a patient person. I guess that I'm so used to river fishing that it's hard for me to imagine the fly moving so slowly and catching fish!

    Obviously though--and thanks to everyone's advice--I need to work on slowing my roll.

  19. Thanks Nick I will give it a try. Just hope cobwebs don't grow on me.
  20. Yep Nick hit it on the head. Throw in a couple pauses and you're golden. Also, the tri-colored chum turd I posted previously has been a huge success for Josh Smestad and I. The other day we were getting a hit or hooking up about every other cast with the turd. The dudes next to us were hammering the same school with not so much as a bump. The fly can certainly make a difference! I've been tying them in different weights: unweighted with no eyes, small bead chain eyes, and slightly bigger bead chain eyes. The unweighted is nice when the schools are in ~1ft of water.

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