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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. And Bag, a few more things to keep in mind:
    • If the fish aren't schooled up in big groups, it almost isn't worth the effort.
    • If the tide isn't right, the schools will push in to the deeper water and make it tough to find them. Figure out when the tide is just right so that the schools are shallow. You'll know you have the right tide if you see a large group of fish finning in the shallows, the water erupt as a school spooks, etc....jumpers don't mean you're going to have good schools, but they can be a starting point at finding some
    • Fish as much as you can at your beach of choice to learn when the tide is right, where the fish hole up, etc.
    • Swap flies if you're fishing over a big school with no results
    • Sometimes they just won't bite
    • Rain the day of or days prior seem to make the fish more active
    • Low light and clouds can really help. Bright sun may turn the bite off.
    Good luck man!
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  2. Matt,
    Glad to hear the tri-colored turd has been working well for you and Josh.
  3. That's a big help. Thanks Mtskibum16. You have to admit the tricolor turds sure look shall I say different. As today is going to be a day of rest I will tye up a few unweighted. I've been trying them with a tail about an inch long. Is that about right? I've been fishing a spot where I have seen very few fish jumping. Does this mean there are not many fish around? When I was at Chico a few days back they were spending more time in the air then in the water.
  4. Great, great stuff Matt puts up here. ESPECIALLY the part about the fish being schooled up. If you're just seeing random jumpers, while maybe not totally wasting your time, it's definitely long odds of a hookup. I think I can count 2 fish I've caught this season that were not hooked amongst a school. Both those fish were of the fresh, more aggressive variety.

    Wander around and look for the schools. When you find them, try to keep the fly just ahead of them, or just on the edge of the pack... If you can anticipate where they will be, casts well ahead, let the fly sink while they come closer, then slowly start your retreive when they are near you'll hook up often.

    Turds have worked great for me the past few days. If there is lots of pressure, especially from other fly guys, I like pinks/purples over chartreuse. Seems that showing them something a little different than the norm can be the ticket.

    Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I've been fishing pretty long leaders. Using 12-15 lb Maxima tippet and have been fishing leaders right around 11-12 feet. I've noticed the longer leader leading to more hook ups, but that could just be in my head.

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  5. I don't have enough experience to really answer that, but so far at the beach I fish there are usually jumpers about when the bite is on. The other day after it was super hot fishing for a good hour, the clouds disipated, the bite turned off, and there were fewer jumpers. I don't think the jumpers are the biters, but for some reason when the bite is off there are fewer jumpers around. Still some but less. In this case the bright sun and tide also pushed the fish in to deeper water and the schools broke up in to smaller cruising groups. In that situation, it's probaly possible to still catch fish, but they will be few and far between. In contrast, the previous "hot" hour Josh and I landed 4-6 each, just as many LDRs (long distance release), and tons of bumps/missed takes. I'd rather fish that hour than stand out there all day casting and maybe hook in to one fish. Fish smarter not harder ;)

    Edit: The tails on my turds (boy that sounds funny) have been 1/2-1" usually. I've only used the color combo shown. The unweighted ones really just look like an egg sucking leach bugger with no hackle. The bonus is that they are super fast and easy to tie!
  6. Yeah, thanks again for the recommendation Brian! Seems to be winner.
  7. As far as fishing smarter not harder goes I learned my lesson fishing Slivers. I fished for 5 hrs one day. Which may not seem that long to you long time fly fisherman, but for a newbie old man I hurt for almost a week. Which would not have been all that bad but I could not fish for that week.
    The spot that I have been Chum fishing for the last two weeks had a lot of jumpers the first day I fished. Very few jumpers the next few times. Yesterday I fished for about 2 hrs in the rain. I has a Chum fin not 2 feet from me. I know they are there. I also believe no one else is fishing there as I have never seen a fisherman there, and I scouted the spot for many days before I saw fish jumping and started fishing there myself.

  8. Sounds like you've done your homework, but if the fish that are there are just random jumpers, and are not schooling up close at all, then you may be better off searching elsewhere. Not saying you won't hook up occasionally, but what I've found with chum fishing so far is that when I get on the water, if I can't find pods of fish within an hour or two, I'm gone. This is easier to do when the fishing is a local as it is for us here, but that's been the way for me. Tuesday was a prime example of this... Hit the beach before first light, and it quickly became apparent that the fish just weren't there. An odd jumper or two, but that was it. I didn't hang out long. Instead, I went to the fly shop, tied some flies, played some video games, and game back that afternoon. Before I was even done gearing up I could see schools of fish in close, and knew I was going to have a good night.... and so I did.

  9. Good advise Nick. I will keep that in mind.
  10. One thing I've noticed at my usual spot is that the fishing really turns on for me in the last 45 min of daylight. That could just be a coincidence since that's when most of the other fishermen tend to head out. Either way, I would say I've caught about 75% of my fish right at dusk. Example: fished from 4-6 tonight without a single tug, and then went 2 for 3 between 6 and 6:30.

    Of course, I suspect this due to the combat fishing nature of the location. As it gets dark they become less spooky, and I have a much easier time catching fish.
  11. In general the bite seems to work like that. Even in the middle of the day. Ill cast to the same fish for an hour with zero interest then suddenly something switches and ill hook three or four over a half hour. Then just as suddenly its off

  12. Thanks for whoever gave me a pinch of the "terd fly" on monday, you guys to the left of me slayed em' hard. I was wearing the SST jacket and green Lamson hat. Man it was frustrating that day from 8-1230pm high tide and worst Dog skunk ever, super high winds to 20mph but schools were there in full but was not willing to take anything I swung to them. The Terd and my Dog Slayer moved nothing. There were times when I could of snagged em' easily but didn't give a knee jerk reaction, wanted one in the mouth.
    Oh well, hit and miss is the name of the game and getting your time in is worth more than anything. Will be out there again next week, hopefully bringing in fresh dogs..
  13. Hey Peter, that was Josh Smestad. I was fishing next to him. Of course right after that the bite died off so it was a bit too late I suppose. That wind was pretty brutal, but at least it was to our backs!
  14. Well, It was nice to meet you then Peter ;) I'll be back out sunday/monday/tuesday if you want to meet and fish..
  15. I saw the chum today could reach the chum but nothing else..
  16. I foul hooked a dead Chum today. Can you top that?
  17. I saw a guy hook a dead chum in the mouth the other night.
  18. OK Nick but it wasn't you. Fished for 2 hrs from 4pm to 6pm. I don't feel bad about not hooking up as I did not see a fish hooked that was not foul hooked.
  19. Fished on Wednesday and foul hooked TWO dead chum, one that was rotting. The hook came out with a hunk of foul smelling rotting flesh on it. But I did land a live one successfully.

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  20. Hi Josh, thanks again for the fly, sorry I couldn't produce, I'm glad you guys did, you guys did great. Seeing the wind drop that 50' tree in the distance was cool! Might be seeing ya'll next week..

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