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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. I'm going to share two of my super top secret pro-tips with you guys:

    First: If you own Korkers, like I do, and you fish the beaches occasionally and the rivers most of the time, buy a cheap pair of lug sole boots for fishing the beach. Korkers absolutely suck in mud. My soles have unhooked more times than I care to count fishing on muddy beaches. If you mostly fish beaches and occasionally fish rivers, buy some good lug sole beach boots and a cheap pair of river boots.

    Second: When I lived in Kitsap county I'd start heading out to Chico creek every afternoon in Mid-October to try to catch the chum run before it was common knowledge. If you do this, and keep it quiet when it starts, you'll have 2 to 4 days of mostly solo chum fishing.

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  2. The dudes on Saturday motoring up Chico Creek in between all the fisherman...then drifting back out, then repeating all morning long were extra special too. OH, and the guys that rolled up and parked their boat in the shallows, only to stare at us? No response to my greeting, just a vacant stare. Then 10 minutes later asking if we had any weed. GOD I love humanity!

    Was able to hook into one on the Matt/SF chum turd in size 4 that came unbuttoned, and was having a great time watching the fish roll in. Once the Ugly Stick brigade started in I knew it was time to call it a day.
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  3. :cool:

  4. Had the same thought.... Not that I like the advertisement. lol
  5. To get some more positive threads up top, here's a picture from a couple weeks ago. The colors came out awesome. You can also see that it's still sporting the tri-color Stonefish Turd.

    Please note that this wild fish was not harvested and was never removed from the water! :p


    As an asside, it appears netting on local waters is in full force. I believe they net Monday-Wednesday so if you're planning to make a trip one of those days maybe you should reconsider. Yesterday it was DEAD and the entire bay was netted off with a 50-100 ft gap in the center so they could get their boats in and out. The big schools of fishthat were hanging out seemed to disapear and with the creek flows way up, the fresh schools that come in seem to shoot right up the creek and never slow down. I've rescued many fish stuck in the weedy flats as the tide went out so keep an eye out for that. Lots of zombie fish cruising around right now too.
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  6. Awesome picture Matt! I'd say nice fish bro, but I don't want to give away my secret buzz bomb longings....
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  7. Mtbum.
    Nice fish. Green nose, red body, is that a blue tail about 2 inches long?
    I've tyed up a few of them but no luck. I know what you mean about zombie fish. I was fishing the other day. There was a fly fisherman across the creek from me. I was watching a Chum swimming for about 5 min just 4 feet to his right. He finely looked down and saw the fish then looked up at me. Back and forth a few times. Then said looking down at the fish and said that's a nice fish.
  8. Those big bucks that eat are awesome

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  9. It's a chartreuse head, cerise body, and purple tail. I posted a picture of it in one of the other chum threads. I'll add it here too.


    Yeah I had lots of big zombies cruising right next to me this weekend. I didn't catch a thing though. No fish schooling up when I was there Sat, Sun, and Mon. I heard later in the day that some people saw the big schools. It's sure seems slow compared to the past few weeks.

    Edit: Nice fish PSP.
  10. I can vouch for the effectiveness of that fly. I've been tying mine with a darker, more burgandy tail, since that's what I had available.... And the head is a bit of a different color cerise.... Very effective fly for sure.
  11. I remember you posting the pix mtskibum. I thought you may have changed it up a little. I could not quit make out the tail color from the pix. TK for posting it again.
  12. Now that you said this everyone and their brother is going to show up. Not much of a secret considering the fishermen and nets there 24/7. If you have any other "secrets" about fishing spots, best keep them to yourself. Unless you want the Minter Creek squad showing up.
  13. Pimp, your chum photo is weak sauce without showing off the mullet!
  14. I know, chum and mullet is the way to go. Friend should have warned me, but the wind was howling.
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  15. Reassess your friends!
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  16. Anyone seeing Chum? I went out last night for a few hrs before darknn nothing was moving except the water and a few ducks. Took out the 6wt to try for a Cut or two. No luck there except you enjoy the ease of throwing my 10' 6wt over my 8wt. Elbow feels much nicer this morning.
  17. Pretty dead from what I've seen. I'm about ready to call it for the chum this year.
  18. Are you saying. Dog gone?
    The wife and I stopped by a creek today and watched a few swimming up the creek. My wife's eyes are not good but from the bridge over the creek she could see them. Let me tell you she was thrilled to be close enough to see them and could not get over how big some of them were.
  19. we saw a handful last saturday on the skykomish. Fished both the sky in startup and behind the pen as well as wallace river. They certainly arent in the numbers i remember years ago.

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