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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Thats because they are just starting to show up in the Puget Sound, the runs don't reach the peak until late November. Most of the creeks I fish near Gig Harbor don't have fish until Thanksgiving.
  2. Saw a few foul hooked fish at minter while driving by
    Hoards of dudes
  3. So Pimp you telling me I still got a chance of putting a a dog on the beach? Man that sounds great. How far down the Sound do I need to drive?

  4. I'll catch chums till the end of December. I live next to a creek that has the latest runs in the puget sound. I'll fish that until Christmas and still land chrome fish. Bagman, try creeks around Gig Harbor.
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  5. Thank you I will try and find it. Pimp you going to be around there any time soon. Beers on me.
  6. I'm 17 so I'm not there yet, still powering through high school. Glad to help though.
  7. Naming a small run on a tiny creek on a forum like this can sure do a lot of harm to that run. Just something to consider.
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  8. Well then Pimp I will buy you a bottle of Coke.
  9. Bag, there are plenty of places to go find chum still as PSP noted. The spot you have likely been fishing is an earlier run than many others in the area. It may still provide some decent fishing, but I'm kind of "over" the combat scene this year after primarily fishing combat fisheries since the MA-9 opener in July. I now look forward to walking some lonely beaches searching for SRC and resident silvers.
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  10. Sounds like an enjoyable quest. I think I will do the same. Maybe our paths will cross.
  11. Puget Sound Pimp

    I would hope that in the future you realize the damage you do to small runs like the one you seem to like to tell everyone about above in your postings. I would suggest that you start to view things like a sportsman and a fisherman and not as someone who likes to invite the whole world to a tiny stream with small runs of chum that won't continue to exist if you continue to tell the entire world where and when they are. Im glad you enjoy these runs. We other sportsmen in Gig Harbor would like to as well. I hope you remember this.
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  12. Another candidate for the rabid "everything has to be a secret" IGNORE feature!
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  13. Thank You. I'm glad it was not just me that feels this way. I did not want to say anything because I'm so new to this forum, but I see this is Mr Bob's first post. I know what that tells me. How about you?
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  14. Up till today I hadn't used ignore at all. All of a sudden I've seen both I and others subjected to uncomfortable levels of negativity for even mentioning a widely known fishing location. It isn't all by new posters, either. 2 of the 3 I added to my list today had several hundred posts. I suspect that the tone of their prior posts might have been along the same lines, but I wasn't curious enough to go look. Didn't need the aggravation!
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  15. How about all you "Fly Fishing Purists" stop acting like middle school girls. I tend to hate this forum when you start bitching about your precious fishing spot, don't post if you have nothing constructive to say. Don't get me wrong I love and care about our fisheries, but I tend to hate you "Fly Fishing Purists". If you have a problem with the fisheries and fellow fly fishermen, maybe you should just leave the state.
  16. Any more chum been getting found lately? Seems like it's been quiet the last few days--which is perhaps why everyone is getting aggravated.
    I might be getting out on some hood canal estuaries tomorrow morning to look around. No clear idea of where I'm going to go. I just need to get a line wet. Might even hit the river, we'll see.


  17. Deleted so as not to add to the "crap fest." Didn't realize there was so much indignation in the world...
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  18. I've been hearing some decent reports of fish in some areas, but haven't gotten in to chum at my usual haunt for a couple weeks.
  19. Same as Porterhouse...deleted so as not to turn this into the Purdy thread...
  20. Self-righteous indignation is the new black.
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