WFF 2012 NW PHWFF 2 Fly event Official signup thread

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. It's getting to that time of year to start recruiting for the 2 Fly event.

    Event will take place September 22nd at the Ellensburg KOA. We will be up Friday Sept 21st for early registration and camp setup and all are invited to stay over until Sunday the 23rd when we will break down camp. We went with a later date for lower flows giving teams more bank fishing and slower drifts.

    Of course I'm running the cook shack. :)

    Our big priority is rowers with a boat setup to fish front and back with boat insurance. We capped boats at 20. BUT we are shooting for at least 24 boats. We want reserves in case of last minute cancelations that come up. The more boats the better.

    This year we will assign duties and times to report. Heres a brief list of what we need.

    Shuttle duty
    Food servers
    Parking attendant
    Camp cleanup/monitor
    Errand runners

    Post here if you are up to helping out our vets and wounded warriors and what you areable to provide. Again rowers with boats are most important right now.

    You can also head to the Facebook page and pile on there as well. :)

    Below is a list that I have from the board. Please let me know if anything has changed.

    surfnsully- boat/rower/judge
    bitterroot-camp cook
    Jeff Bandy-boat/rower/judge
    Kcahill-as needed volunteer
    Derek Young-boat/rower/judge
    DonChilds-as needed volunteer
    Alex MacDonald-boat/rower/judge
    J. Michelle Swope-boat/rower/judge
    Scott Salzer-as needed volunteer
    Brian Miller/wife-as needed volunteers
    Bob Jones-as needed volunteer
    Steve Saville-as needed volunteer
    avs16win-as needed volunteer
    Rick Sharp-boat/rower/judge
    rymo-as needed volunteer
    tediousthumper-as needed volunteer
    Jim Henderson-boat/rower/judge
    flybill-as needed volunteer
    Steve Call-as needed volunteer
  2. In with a boat. Also, what insurance?
  3. I'm in with a boat to row :)
  4. There's a boat insurance. I do believe it's a liability insurance. Like what guides have on their boats.
  5. Oh, and I should add, it's a good thing to get anyways. I'm waiting to hear back from my insurance company if they offer it (my company is a farm bureau insurance). It protects you, your belongings, and of course the boat and any damage to it and what it may do damage wise to other boats/people. Some policies even cover loss of anchors, etc.
  6. I will be there.

  7. B-rad! Welcome, bub. Just a word of what you say on WFF. Some of the moderators are kinda strange.
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  8. I'm in, Jerry!
  9. Count me and my boat in. Might have the wife along.
  10. I will be around to help out again, can do any of the above except rowing with insurance .

    I am curious what the parking attendants are for though I dont remember there being to much trouble.
  11. That's because we had people out there directing. ;) Just weren't all dolled up in vests. But we had people pushing people along to overflow to keep road clear.
  12. In with one boat.
  13. It in to win it.....

  14. Jerry you can count on me to help with the cooking and camp chores. I had a blast last year.
  15. My boat and I will be there.
  16. Me and my boat will be there. I've already reserved my camp spot. :)
  17. I'm in, Jerry. Have boat, will row. Was a blast last year, hope to get my guys into some fish this time. :)
  18. Jerry, what's the story with camping reservations? I asked this last weekend and they stated you had a block of spaces reserved. Is that correct? Trying to get an idea of where they are and if I want to book an RV space or not.
  19. Jerry:

    It would be an honor for me to be a part of this. I don't have a boat but would donate the use of my Outcast to anyone.

    I would be available to help cook (I know you do that), serve, shuttle or just be a camp -----. I could be over on Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

    I could also haul stuff over, if that would help.

    Let me know if I can be of assistance, and how.

  20. My wife (who doesn't fish) and I would be honored to serve in any way we can.

    Shuttle duty Food servers Parking attendant Camp cleanup/monitor Errand runners.

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