WFF 2012 NW PHWFF 2 Fly is over, THANK YOU!!!!!

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  1. To say this was an easy 2 Fly would be a lie. But in the end it came through with the help of many volunteers on WFF and the internet.

    Well, just to give you the full scoop. We were still stressing on boats as of Thursday. Was on the phone it seemed every break I had Thursday arranging boats and rowers. Some of us were up at the Ellensburg KOA on Thursday night. Since I had to work late Thursday, I ended up leaving around 5am Friday morning to give myself a decent nights sleep (and not have to try and assemble a tent in the dark). Made it to the pass when I got a phone call from my son letting me know he FORGOT to pack the racks for my smokers!!!! Once my coronary was done, and swearing subsided, and blood pressure came down, made phone calls to get them up there. Thankfully, my mother in law made the trip (with the promise of wine tasting with my wife) and saved the day. Camp was pretty much setup for me when I got up there. So did a little tweaking to setup and made a quick breakfast with Dave Alberts. Now, at this point things went south. We had vets and volunteers dropping out because of the smoke in Ellensburg. Had a couple boats drop out as well (one because he's a doctor up there, and TOTALLY give him a pass on that). Thank God for Jim Allen. He kept us up to date on conditions. Chuck Tye's heart and mine sunk when I got a message to call Jim. He informed us of dangerous air conditions, and that there was an alert for no outdoor activities due to the poor quality (and the possible lightning showers coming). We opted to wait and call the 2 Fly on or off until Saturday morning. We had guardian angels watching over us. Two of our brothers in the program who recently passed (Dwight Carron and Bob Jones) sent us a good gust of wind overnight, and cleared up our air from dangerous to moderate, putting the 2 Fly into action. I made cowboy hash for breakfast, got everyone fed, loaded them all up for lunch, and got them on the water ASAP! We were able to put volunteers who were vets in boats and on the water since we lost a few teams last minute. We originally had 21 boats scheduled, still put 19 boats SAFELY on and off the water! Chuck will attest to this, both he and I don't stop stressing until that last boat comes off the water. We had everyone off the water by 5pm, and dinner was served early as well around 615. Menu was smoked ribeyes with au jus and horseradish, potato casserole, Lonnies blodgett beans, a side salad, and for dessert chocolate cherry cake, peach cobbler, and apple cobbler. Everyone was fat and happy. Ended the evening announcing the winners (largest fish was 17" and winning team caught 12 fish I do believe). We had our raffle of prizes (everyone won something) to conclude the evening. Sat around until around 11pm Saturday enjoying some cool drinks and fish stories galore. Woke up this morning, made breakfast burritos for everyone, and packed up camp and came on home.

    We did have one VERY special guest. Warren Phillips, the CEO of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing flew in from Maryland to attend our event. He is a gracious man, and was wonderful to have in camp.

    I will add, it's alot of work planning this event. Chuck and I start the process almost 6 months before hand. We really crank it up about 3 months, and for the last 2 months it's an on and off thing. The last month is pure planned caos. LOL. But when the event is over, it's all worth it. Again, thanks to all who helped out.

    I should add. Both Chuck and I were presented a special gift on Friday night. It was supposed to be given to us on Saturday night at the awards ceremony. But since there was a chance of a cancelation, the group presented both of us with our gift Friday. Ellie Wright made both Chuck and I a quilt. Of course, Chucks was a patriotic/Marine themed. He was speechless, and almost shed a tear (I'll say he had alot of smoke in his eyes ;) ). I was given mine first. It was truly a story of me. Between outdoor cooking, camping, and fishing strips all over the quilt. It's an understatement to say she did a fantastic job. Once I get some pics, will post up Chucks quilt. But here are a couple pics of mine.


    This is the quilt, the fold you see by my left hand is a patch with the PHWFF logo thanking me for all the hard work I do for the organization, signed by Ellie (to my left in the photo).

    A close up of the quilt with Ellie and I.

    Thank you all again. I wish I could go through everyone and thank them personally. But my post would go on for an hour of reading. So to all of you THANKS!!!!!!!!!! And to my good friend Chuck Tye, we did it my friend, now onto planning the 4th 2 Fly!!!
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  2. Congratulations and THANK YOU Jerry and Chuck!
  3. Jerry: Thanks for a great weekend. This was my first 2 fly event and it was a true honor to be able to row some of our soldiers and volunteers around. Sorry I missed your legendary dinner but hope you invite me back next year.

    thanks for all you and Chuck do for this fantastic group.
  4. Logistics.

    Sleep good.
  5. That was a great weekend
  6. You guys are great. Made my week end.
  7. It was my first 2 Fly event. The food was outstanding, the company was great, and the entire set-up was really good. Many thanks to Jerry and Chuck. They did a first class job, as I'm sure they always have. I'm looking forward to next year if I'm welcome.
  8. Jerry - It was great fun being able to volunteer my boat and rowing services. Great people, great cause, great fun, and FANTASTIC food!
    I'll be there next year.
  9. Chuck and Jerry, thanks for putting togther a special event for a special group.

    I would like to make one small suggestion for you to consider. Bikini catered lunches on the river.
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  10. Thanks. It is a labor of love for both Chuck and I. And hope none of you were offended if I didn't know your names off the bat. I'm SUPER terrible with names. Always been a downfall for me. But I'm trying. LOL.

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