2013 Crane fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by riseform, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Any other tiers out there? Looks like about six so far....
    If the swaps a go, I'll probably tie a skater pattern I found in Idaho one year.
    Kind of a quasi-bomber pattern.
  2. It looks like it may end up just being the six of us, if everyone is willing to remain. This may be good news for kelvin given the effort involved in his pattern.

    Mine are not horribly difficult, so I'll still tie two different patterns if things don't change. That would give each person six flies different than their own pattern.

    I'm still hopeful we'll get some late additions to the swap.
  3. You might have seen the other recent post discussion about cripple emergers; those are one of my favorite flies especially when fish are super selective. I might experiment with the dry fly crane pattern I was going to tie and make it a dead still cripple or one that can still be skated dry. This bug swap little out of my normal ties, like a challenge though and looking forward to seeing what ties come through.
  4. Sounds good! Nothing stimulates a predator like a hint of weakness in its prey. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I have enjoyed that cripple emerger thread. I added my two cents with links to my 2008 "Cutter's inverted midge" swap somewhere on the second page. Oddly, I can only see the gallery pictures from that swap if I'm actively logged in. Not sure if it's that way for everyone or just me?
  5. Experimenting with various patterns, legs and wings... CraneMulti1.JPG
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  6. dang looks like you been busy
  7. riseform, can you PM address to send flies
  8. Show off! Address sent.
  9. I am not done yet
    I just have a window of time this weekend as everyone I know is leaving town and figure I'd bite the bullet and get them done
    before the world ends or something
  10. Thanks Ron and Merry Christmas to you too.

    That's an amazing fly. I'll have to give it a try.
  11. anything happening here
    I have to admit so far I have tied the one fly a posted a picture of

    got to get tying
  12. just finished designing mine, Ill post pics soon
  13. Can you post a SBS of this Crane fly pattern?
  14. mine will be something like this... IMG_4742.JPG IMG_4744.JPG
  15. Pat those are nice
    whats the wing?
  16. good ol swiss straw my friend. some of my favorite material, got it at patricks. Its somewhat fragile so I think Im gonna double it up just incase they get chewed up.

    By the way, 6 tyers=5 flies right? so should we just double up to 10 flies and each get 2 flies of each pattern?
  17. I'm still working on my final pattern and scoured a couple fly shops over the weekend for a material.
    Found it on line so this weekend should be cranking them out. Will need the Feb 2 deadline to complete.
    If others want two each, I could go with it. I'd likely have two different patterns not two the same.
  18. One set down, I tied them with the elk hair wing, it helps the fly stay upright since it is tied USD.
    I still want to know what the concensus is on the ammount of flies/patterns everyone is sending in, If we want to do two patterns I will have to do some experimenting to make a pattern that is swap worthy, If not I can whip up 5 more of the same in a night.

    On a side note, I have seen flies that look like craneflies on some mountain streams last summer, only they were a pale green, has anyone else seen flies like this?
  19. I was thinking it was one pattern??
    I may have missed something
  20. ya it is, I was just wondering if we were gonna tie up two for each person, also trying to weasle a few more flies out of you guys.;)

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