2013 Crane fly Swap

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  1. Great looking flies! I've been away chasing humuhumunukunukuapua'a but I'm glad to see things are rolling along nicely.

    Tie as many flies or patterns as you desire and I will distribute them fairly. No one is required to do more than one pattern or fly per participant, particularly if it is a time consuming tie.

    As the host of what turned out to be a small swap, I still plan to submit several patterns to keep things interesting. Two of them are essentially done. I really like the Oliver Edwards fly that Ron posted over the holidays and may try to duplicate that as a third.
  2. Right on, I saw those pics in the other thread, hope you had lots of fun, I only wish I flyfished when I lived in HI.
  3. Just wanted to remind people we are down to just under two weeks. I'm still waiting on materials for the Oliver Edwards fly (legs) I ordered before the holidays. If they don't make it, I'll come up with something else. The other two patterns are complete.

    Had to improvise while tying away from home this weekend...forgot my hair stacker.
  4. I have a similar situation for ordered supplies a couple weeks ago. Company took my money now doesn't reply. Their 888 number just has a repeated answering service message saying 'customer service is not available'.....not a good sign..next will be contacting my credit card company. I'll get a different pattern done this coming weekend; half way through...not what I wanted to send but still it's an effective skating fly...
  5. half way there
    if I get motivated I may do a second simpler pattern
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  6. might wanna let us know who they are so we dont order from them

    One more reason to get what you can from local shops
    and I realize local shops dont have everything
  7. I tried two different local shops before eventually finding what I wanted on line.
    This is the website I'm having issue with: http://www.theflyfishingplacestore.com
    Finishing up my backup pattern now, a skater fly and will hit the mail by Monday.
    Dang jealous of some of the patterns you've been posting..Excellent looking ties
  8. mine are done and ready to be mailed
  9. what ae
    you looking for?
  10. I'm done with mine; send address please.
    Pattern I'm ending up with doesn't have those cool looking legs but is a tougher pattern meant to be skated. Found this one in a Idaho shop and worked good on a well known river there. I'm including a couple ties each as know this version much easier to tie than the more intricate wing and leg patterns.
    The material I was trying to find was tan ultra chenille vernille mini size and same thing in blue for an awesome damsel pattern I know. Tied right the vernille has a real cool effect when on the water surface.
  11. Ok, I tried my hand at the Oliver Edwards fly. Can't guarantee it'll cast, float or fish well but I'll send them along anyway. Ron had it right, they're not fun to tie. I have no idea how Oliver Edwards did the legs so well.
  12. I moved on Saturday the 19th and spent last week and weekend finding all of my stuff in various and sundry boxes and setting up my fly tying area. This will be the week of evening fly tying and should be well ready for the deadline.
  13. Sounds good! Have heard from everyone but Scott (hooked 1) thus far. Scott are you out there?
  14. No word from Scott. He's in NY so I would have expected some input by now given the Feb 2 deadline. It may be down to five of us :(
  15. Mine are in the mail
  16. Good news, heard from Scott and hi flies will be in mail soon.

    Received two boxes in mail today.

    One was steeli's excellent flies! I think you're all going to be happy.

    The other was a rejection letter returning my articulated streamer pattern submitted to Rainy's over a year ago. Damn! Caught tons of fish on that pattern including a 24" brown last year. Oh well.

  17. can you post picture of your articulated fly?
  18. I tied it for Mike's streamer swap, supposed to mimic an (articulated) fleeing crayfish, hence called the AFC.

    My original concept was to try and mimic a shell back and a scooped tail like a natural as it was fleeing through the water. There is a hidden conehead just back from the front to give it a jigging action and the white belly and legs splay out nicely between strips. Lately I've been using hidden dumbell eyes instead of the conehead which makes it easier to tie.
    This was my original prototype. The marabou fouled when tied like this and when the back feathers got wet the profile became too thin and lost the scoop effect. I ultimately settled on chickabou.
    Previous versions:
    Fleecray.jpg Fleecray1.jpg
    I still fish it with a lot of confidence in Montana.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] PA180034.JPG PA180030.JPG
  19. very nice tie
  20. very nice tie
    sure looks like it works!

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