2013 goal accomplished

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Travis Bille, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Well, as of last weekend I did it. With my family on the boat, I put a 14" rainbow in the net at Lewiston lake here in California. That fish meant that I caught a fish every month of the year.

    In January this seemed like a great goal. Through august it was pretty easy. Then in September I bought a house. Suddenly my life was filled with all kinds of work that I never had to do before. In October and November I ended up heading out right at the end of the month in a last ditch effort to just land one fish.

    I can say that I did it. But in my situation, it took away from the real experience of fly fishing. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the environment that I was in, and the sport that I love, it was filled with pressure. Feeling like I had to catch a fish took away from the whole experience. I don't think I'll do this goal again.

    I think I'm going go downsize my goals for 2014. I'm thinking.....

    1. Catch 3 species of trout
    2. Catch 3 species of anadromous fish
    3. Catch fish in fresh, brackish, and saltwater
    4. Catch fish on nymphs, dries, and streamers

    Anyone else have goals for this coming year?
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  2. Awesome focus :) Nice work!
    I consider these my current "SMART" goals

    - Salmon on the fly
    - Pike or Musky on the fly
    - Learn spey
    - Cast more efficiently
    - Relax
  3. Just 2 goals:

    More time with friends on the water

    More time with family out of doors

    Congratulations on your house Travis!
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  4. 2014 Goals

    1. get my wife involved with fishin
    2. catch a steelhead every outing
    3. get dan his first steelhead
  5. 2014 in order of importance to me:

    1) Introduce a beginner to fly fishing and help them have a great time while learning about our riverine environemnt
    2) Donate both time and $$ to a conservation effort
    3) Fish at least one new river in WA
    4) Fish at least one new state in the US
    5) Fish at least one new country
    6) Spend less $$ on gear and more on fishing time
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  6. 1.) Fish more than 15 days for BC summer fish
    2.) Teach Bell how to cast
    3.) buy a wall tent w/ stove
    4.) Be less of a prick (I know, but it's good to have goals)

    Go Sox,
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    I'm guessing - like me - you are a school teacher
    I too know the power of the SMART goal!!
  8. What the "f88k" are "SMART" goals?

    Two goals for me:

    1. Montana
    2. B.C.
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  9. Smart goals are used in the business world

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  10. My goal for 2014 is to catch a winter run on a surface pattern.
  11. SMART is also used as objectives in nursing.
  12. To catch 5 different species of native trout.

    -Eagle Lake Rainbow at an undisclosed location in Lassen County( Not Eagle Lake)

    - Coastal Rainbow Trout

    -Warner Lakes Redband Trout

    -Goose Lake Redband Trout

    -Coastal Cutthroat Trout

    -Have fun all year
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  13. I'm in coastal cutt country, let me know if you make it over this way. I've pulled 19" coastal cutthroat out of stone lagoon in Humboldt
  14. Thank you Evan.
  15. Wake up feeling good everyday, 2013 sucked

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  16. Yellow flags out for mixing business with fishing... and goofy little coporisim's like this one. It's bad enough we have to deal with these at work... is nothing sacred? :D

    yellow flag.jpg

    My goals:
    • Complete the 6th annual MT trip w/big brother (started when he retired)
    • Ruby (our Yellow Lab) achieves Jr. Hunter and goes on her first hunt
    • Fish more than I talk about it
    • See 2015
  17. Some goals, in no specific order:
    1. Fish east of the divide.
    2. Don't buy a fly rod or reel.
    3. Get my girlfriend into camping (told her there are no grizzlies in the Bitterroots and probably none in the Sapphires).
    4. Catch a big bull trout (don't tell FWP I said that).
    5. Fish the backcountry more/less time on the big rivers.
  18. My only goal is to stay alive one more year.
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  19. ...and reach the 22,000 posts mark... right? :D
  20. I don’t know if you would really call it a goal, but one thing that I had been hoping to do for the past couple of years was to go river snorkeling in the presence of adult steelhead. With a little help from the Wild Steelhead Coalition, I was finally able to make this happen this past September. To say the least, swimming with wild steelhead and observing them in their natural environment was probably one of the coolest river experiences that I have ever had.
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