2013 One Word Contest

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by freestoneangler, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Another year, another long period of cabin fever and, hopefully a little levity to ease all the tension.

    1. One word reply for the last word offered up -- preferably fishing related where you can
    2. Keep it clean and out of the gutter (I know, that's a lot to ask this bunch of hoodlums)

    I'll start...

  2. This
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  3. Thread
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  4. Now
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  5. stolen
  6. oncorhynchus
  7. Winchesterii
  8. Maybe a new approach for levity... Puns? Limericks? New Photoshop thread? Photo location guessing game? Ugliest fly that consistently catches fish? Photos of "retired flies" that go into your personal hall of fame with accompanying story?

    My problem with 'one word' is it is one long thin constant squirt of meaningless logorrhea...

    (On the other hand I guess that's the one word I got...)

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  9. I like the Wadin' Boot's idea of a progressive limerick. Each contributor adds the next line (remember: limericks are five lines, with an AABBA rhyme scheme) - sixth contributor starts new limerick.

    I'll start with a classic format example. First line:

    There once was an angler named Boots

    one word contribution:

  10. Who ate tacos that gave him the toots
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  11. An anonymous elderly angler Old Man Jim complained about the smell
    while telling Nelson to go to hell
  12. Do you know me????? If you don't, don't put remarks here about me.
  13. And proved he's a grumpy old coot

    (glad I know you . . . how's the snow?)
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  14. And those who know him think he's a hoot!
    LMAO!!! OMJ!
  15. Hey, sorry about that. I've fixed it for you (see above) to protect your privacy. ;)

    Of course, you've got 18,519 PUBLIC posts out there so with that kind of verbosity everyone knows you. :)
  16. And while old man jim kicked dan's ass, I went to the thread called poop.
  17. Very appropriate, this whole one word thing went to shit quick.
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  18. ricochet
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