2014 2 Fly, rowers mark your calender

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Just so all of you who want to possibly row at this years 2 Fly, we will be holding the 2014 NW Region 2 Fly event at the Ellensburg KOA on September 20th. Of course we will be open for arrivals on Friday September 19th and will run camp until Sunday September 21st. But we will be holding the main competition/event on Saturday September 20th. So mark your calenders. :)
  2. sign me up jerry!!
  3. I am in to row this year :)
  4. Well, this is just an FYI post. So when time comes, sign up. I'm in process now of just trying to get other things ready. LOL
  5. Got it on the books Jerry....looking forward to it. Will watch for your sign up notice.
  7. Jerry,
    I am interested in approaching the organization where I work to see if they would care to donate to PHW. Is there a form or literature that I could use to present to them with this interest? Or a contact person in PHW that I could get info from?
    Looking forward to this event in Sept.
  8. Chuck Tye has the pamphlets you may be looking for. You could also go to www.projecthealingwaters.org and may be able to find info there that you may be able to use. But Chuck Tye is the Regional Coordinator here for the NW Region. You can grab his info off the PHW site. :)
  9. Thanks Jerry! Will check it out and see if I can make something happen.
  10. Jerry,
    I will be available around to help with intake, or whatever you need help with in camp on Friday around noon.
    David Ward
  11. ...and of course to row/judge on Sat.

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