2014 fishing license!

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  1. Old Man

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    Since your new to the state isn't there a waiting period before you can get a resident license. What I mean is don't you need a nonresident license.

    Here in Montana you can't get a resident license until you lived here 180 days.
  2. GAT

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    The Oregon license if valid from 1/01/XX to 12/31/XX... so if you want a years worth.... you buy it on 1/01... which is what I do.
  3. Kaiserman

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    UHG! I'd hate that!

    I love fishing for browns in the fall when I can.
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    They had to do something other than make it catch and release, too many people were tearing up the redds in hopes of hooking a 30 pound plus brown. The White River below Bull Shoals dam is home to some true monster brown trout that are self sustaining, the only way to protect it was close it off. Education and Arkansas- two words not often paired with each other...
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    Yeah, but just think how much street-cred you have achieved playing by the rules. I for one think much more highly of you for doing so. rofl1.gif