25 yard dog.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Got a new addition to our growing list of dogs. Wife got this one as a birthday present from a girl friend. I call it a 25 yard dog because if it bites you you could kick it about 25 yards. It is about 4 inches high and about 6 inches long. It would make good bait for a big fish, so I don't think I'll take this one fishing.

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  2. Aww, handsome little buddy :) We have a chihuahua/cattle dog mix and he is the smartest and funniest little nerd ever :) Grats!
  3. I call small dogs like that "Sturgeon Bait".

    I'm sure to the right owner though, they can be fun to have around.
  4. NAH Steven Hauschka can get about 45 yards out of that one!
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  5. That is one cute dog!!! Small or not.
  6. You could use it to lure in coyotes for a close shot:)
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  7. Little dogs can be hilarious!
  8. What a little cutie. I see that dog getting a wee bit spoiled in the future!
  9. I call them punt dogs.:D When it's third and long.:D
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  10. Never been a fan of a dog smaller than a house cat. Cute as it is, just not my style.
  11. At least it's not a cat!

  12. Nothing wrong with cats man. I would kill for mine.
  13. I don't mind cats though.

  14. Can I ship you mine?
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  15. No sir one is enough for me.
  16. Nothing wrong with having a pocket pooch...:)
  17. Crap so small you don't even look for it. Smart enough to know if they're not cute they're bait.
  18. Around my house those things are know as Kuma snacks.
  19. Cute pup! Carry it in your pocket when you fish, Jim.
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  20. That's a lowrider dog...and probably the right size for you now. I can't imagine having a medium or full sized pup as an old timer. Too much work!

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