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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Brittin Johnson, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. So my girlfriend was given her dads Sage 4wt rod for Christmas. She asked me if she could have a pink reel for it. Naturally I thought… well I don't know, i have never looked for a pink reel… I am on the search for a pink reel. Anybody know of anybody that makes a good reel coming in the color pink?
  2. Allen had some limited edition pink ATS reels. Thought someone had some for sale recently.
  3. Talk about coincidence!
  4. Wow. That works!
  5. Elkhorn makes them, my wife has one! ;-)

  6. I love Abel reels and they can be had in pink. The Abel Creek or Trout series are great reels and aren't very expensive.
  7. The Allen ats pink is what I think we are going to go with. A forum member is selling one so it works out. Any body have any info on these reels?
  8. I have a couple. Best $100 reel that can be had IMO. I slipped on a rock and fell forward with rod/reel in hand and THREW it down in order to catch myself with my hands. Hit the reel square on a rock. I mean, I couldn't have thrown it harder if I was trying to break it intentionally. Thought to myself during the slow-mo, "oh well, there goes that reel. At least it was cheap..." Nope. Light scratch, that's it. Tough little bastard.
  9. Check with Evan Burke or their web site.
  10. Who's this Burke fellow?
  11. Sorry. I kent spel
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  12. He can't spell worth a damn. He's old and cranky.

    Apparently I can't either.
  13. Not very good at fishing either, Jim.

    But I can flay the water to a froth in a heart beat.

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