4 Years, give or take... Now the time has come.

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  1. As busy as we have been, and it doesn't seem like it, but it's almost been 4 years since leaving Seattle. Selling what we didn't need to bring, and made the move to Las Vegas. The hundreds of fishing stories and pictures sent to me by my Sons, Friends, what I read lurking on here, I have finally had enough.

    Don't get me wrong, we both love it here. Once you get off the strip, we have found this city to be a fantastic place to live, and just like any city it has its areas that have thier ups and downs. The fast pace and emotions of the strip quickly fade away once you get just a few miles from it. Close to so many different things to do, places to go, the weather is always dependable. Prices are low, and for the most part, the vast majority of the people we run in to are so friendly and nice. So now it's time, I have finally got my list of things that needed to be done completed - To get a solid position with a company (Coca-Cola), Check... Purchase a house, Check... Get another Yellow Lab, Check... My wife to find a solid job, Check... All the work on the house completed, Check.

    So now it's time... Fly rods are coming out of the closet, and once again I'll be able to get the gift from God to be able to smell the fresh air, and the feel of moving water beneath my feet. More than once I had been tempted to go to a local pond, or a golf course water hazard to fish, but I just couldn't drag myself to do it. Being that good locations down here are so tight lipped, water boarding for information was an option.

    So Thurday the 23rd, I'll be heading to the Lee's Ferry area of the Colorado for at least 3 days of fishing, learning as i go, and quite possibly catching a few fish that will trigger emotions that I have had to suppress for so long. I pretty much have done my homework, prepped my things, now it's just a matter of time for 6:00am on that day to show up. There are other places to go, I know that, however for some reason I have leaned towards this location long before this.

    If any of you have ever fished there, and have any advice, I would be more than willing to listen. I thought of doing a guided trip up to the dam, however this time, I felt I owed it to myself to do the walk in section. Maybe it's because I feel the need to be alone for a while. Maybe because I want to work towards getting things in my memory to come back to me. Maybe to just prove to myself I can still do it.

    Maybe just feeling the water, hearing the line go through the guides, hearing the sounds the river makes, just letting it come back slow and let the memories flood my mind, having a few talks with Dad who I lost last year, who taught me how to throw flies long long ago is more important.

    It's time,
  2. Nice, enjoy the renewed experience.
  3. Walk up the Paria River, not for the fishing but for the solitude. Go as far as the hieroglyphs if you can find them.
  4. From what I know of Lees Ferry, make sure you wear spikes. It's slippery.

    I grew up in Las Vegas until I was 22, then did another tour of duty there from 28-37. I did quite a bit of fly fishing in Lake Mead and Mohave, as well as the lakes 3 hours north of Vegas and the streams and lakes in Southern Utah. Let me know if you'd like some information. I learned to fly fish by fishing for Stripers at Lake Mead at night from a float tube.

    Here's an (old) website by a guy I used to know that goes over the fishing opportunities around Vegas:


    There's also a Flyfishing club in Vegas:


    Which part of Vegas do you live? We just sold our rental house in Mountains Edge this week.

  5. Matthew,

    I'll be bringing my godzilla toothed stream cleats with me just in case. I'm searching more for moving water. For some reason still water here doesn't look to thrilling to me, especially since I had sold my boats and pontoons. My 8 wt. is in Hawaii at my inlaws house, and I can't get to it as no one is there so bigger stripers will have to wait until i can get it home. If you would like to, P.M. me for any information you would be willing to share. I have read over those websites so many times I can repeat it word for word.

    We ended up purchasing a house in Summerlin. Almost bought one on Sienna Golf Course, but the sellers pulled out right at the last second. We're just outside of Sienna now, just up the street from Bishop Gorman High School.
  6. You hit all the checks positively. Now its time to check out.

    Enjoy your solitude

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