4wt or 5wt help me spend money.

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  1. I use two 3wt's and a 4wt on small skinny water. The reason for the three rods is that because of my shakes it takes me a while to tie up flies on my tippets. I use the 4wt for nymphing and the 3wts for dries. I keep all three rods rigger and ready to go.
  2. Back in the day, a 6 weight was the universal size. Then the 5 weight became the new 6 weight. Nowadays, it seems the 4 weight is now the new 5 weight.

    You're going to end up buying both weights so take your pick as to which one you want to start with ... not many fly anglers own a single rod...:)
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  3. For the same reason not many golfers have a single club!

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  4. I fish a 4wt and 6wt for trout.

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  6. Okay I am doing the 4wt but I have the option of doing from 8, 8.5, and 9ft. I am thinking 9ft. Am I wrong.
  7. Buy both a 5wt and a 4wt. Pretty soon you'll need a 3wt and if you get into throwing streamers, well a 6wt would be nice. Of course, most of the fish on the Snoqualmie Forks are small, so a 2wt would be a lot of fun especially in September when the flows are low. I don't own a 1wt, but met a guy on the South Fork last year with one. I took a few casts and I think it would be fun on some real skinny water. Now, if you should ever get up to Alaska you'll probably want to think about a 7 or 8wt should you tie into a salmon, or even a larger rod if there are Kings around...........$$$$$$$$$. (Oh, and you should have several lengths of each weight rod.)

    Have fun!
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  8. Okay i will edit my original question with which rod should i get first. The next time i will be shopping for another rid will be later this year
  9. 10 foot 4wt is the best all around IMO it will even handle streamers well. But whatever rod you get you'll probably just return it and get a different one a few times right?:rolleyes:

  10. Ahh I see I have a reputation. Well, I will try to buy once cry once this time.
  11. Were getting pretty close to me ordering a Redington CT 8'6 4wt.
  12. Alright its done. Just placed my order for Redington CT 864-4 89.99. Pretty excited.
  13. Good choice; you'll be happy with it.
  14. Gene, I think you must have a cartoon for every possible fishing occasion. You've got more cartoons than Kent has fly rods!

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  15. Never mind
  16. It's a bitch for you to make up your own mind, isn't it. Go with what you think you need. If you can't make up your mind. Just buy all three. If you are fishing small skinny water, go with the short rod.
  17. I agree with Olive. Having used a 4wt on a few trips, I always find myself going back to my 5wt for "all around" trout fishing with nymphs, streamers and dries.

    If dry fly is your game, I would suggest a 3wt CT.
  18. And test as many as you can. Made that dumbass mistake before...
  19. You guys are being overly generous with your time. I really do appreciate it. I ordered and purchased a nice stick for a great deal and look forward to heading out here in the next couple weeks. Now I need to get a reel and line. However, that will be the easy part.
  20. CT is a great rod. Reel and line = easy? G.A.S. engaged!
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