4wt or 5wt help me spend money.

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  1. A key phrase is "for the time being". You will eventually move out of these waters, and there is a reason why a 5 weight is considered by many to be the best all-around line weight for West coast trout fishing. It will cover more fishing situations than will your 4 weight, and will be a better tool in more circumstances. Also, there are line types (i.e. sinking, sink tip, etc.) available in 5 weight than the 4 weight. I have more than 5 each of four weights and five weight, and my 5 weight is the first stick I grab.

    In a nutshell, the 5 weight is more versatile, and is a great line weight for your first rod. You can (and will) build around it from there.

    There is a reason why the major rod companies, when introducing a new rod line, will typically offer the 5 weight and the 8 weight as the first line weight options. Think about it...
  2. Well, what ever you hang on the rear end of that stick, I wish you good luck and tight lines.

    That said, and being a nosy old geezer, hostile and mean and lazy to boot, I would be interested to see what you put on it.

  3. I ended up getting the Sage 1800 reel, and have Rio Gold line on it.
  4. Yeah, but what color is it?

  5. Awe crapola. Now I am jealous.

  6. Your favorite color. Bright pink.
  7. You know that all the rods I have bought and used, I never ever tried one of them out. They all sling line like they should and catch fish like they should.

    Did you all try out your wife before you decided on who to marry??
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  9. Did you all try out your wife before you decided on who to marry??[/quote]

    Can you even do that?
  10. Uh?.... Yes, and that didn't work out either.
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  11. I tried out two of them before I married them. One worked out and one didn't.

    Win some, lose some.
  12. Fun Trying!:)
  13. I am now shopping for a 6wt setup. LOL
  14. I have not fished your water but my two main trout rods are a 4wt and 6wt. A 4wt is a very versatile rod trout fishing.
  15. You got the 4?
    I personally have gravitated toward shorter rods. 8'6" is a great length, for graphite IMO. My best 4 is 7'6" but I aim at smaller water much of the time.
  16. So in the end i bought both. Redington xt 4wt and sage vantage 5wt
  17. Gud thinkin. Join the crowd.
  18. Never have enough rods. I would have dropped down to a 3wt to widen the gap of rod differentials, but then I tend to fish small water.

  19. Did i mention i bought an 8wt too. LoL three rods three reels three new lines
  20. yup, I'd go with the 4 at either 8'6 or 9

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