4wt or 5wt help me spend money.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Danielocean, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. You could have bought the 5 weight and a two hander and had alot more fun.....

  2. Oh for god sakes. You guys really love pressing the 2 hander stuff on me. LOL
  3. Really?
  4. You need a Euro-nymph rod too. The Sage ESN 3100 is incredible for Czech/Polish style, and everyone raves about the Greys XF2 11' 3wt for French/Spanish Nymphing. I prefer the Scott A4 1004 for its versatility, however.
  5. .......and a nice glass rod to compliment the quiver.
  6. Gentlemen I am finished buying fishing equipment for a while. And PORTER, YES really.
  7. Not everybody likes the two handed rods. I tried it. Had it all, rod, reel, line and then sold it. Where I fish now the two handed rod would just sit. I just love to fish small skinny water.
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  8. You've made a good choice grasshopper, you'll love that rod, very versatile, fun and at a great price....Congrats!!!!

  9. Hey thanks man. Called Cabela's, and found out that when you order and select ship to store it could take a while. I wish I would have just paid the 5 bucks and had it shipped to my house here. I can not describe to all of you how antsy and excited about my big order. I have never treated myself like this in my life and really just can not wait, it is tormenting. I wish the truck driver driving the trailer to the Tulalip cabelas would piss in his bottles, drink some caffeine and hurry the f up.
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  10. We've all been there, and it's fun and exciting but it's soooo hard to wait sometimes....But it will arrive and it will be worth the wait. Good luck....
  11. You too my friend.

  12. Mainly the reason I recommended the two hander is because of his thread about wanting to catch some steel head in the PS rivers where a two hander dominates. If he just asked for a trout rod, obviously I wouldn't reccomend buying a spey rod, it wouldn't makes any sense. I just felt instead of buying two eight weights, a 4 and 5 weight he could have a 8 weight single hander, 5 weight trout rod and a spey rod and be damn well set up for most anything.
  13. I hate waiting for anything. People, Doctor Visits, waiting in line. I'm not somebody who likes to wait on anything.

    I feel your pain.
  14. I have caught Steelhead on a single handed rod. There is nothing wrong with a single handed rod. They were used before the two handers came out.

    Not going to get in a pissing contest over which rod is best for Steelhead. I just gave my two cents. It's enough.
  15. But your two cents is worth $37 and change...
  16. So I finally got my CT. It is a very elegant rod. However, I did notice something about the rod that bugs me just a little. I noticed when looking down the rod, the rod is not perfectly straight all the way down. I look at my sage straight down and it is straight as an arrow.This crookedness in the CT. Is this okay? Is it normal? Is this a sign of a lightweight rod in this pricepoint? Will this have an affect on casting? Thanks guys.
  17. If it was me, I'd return it. The bend will affect accuracy.
  18. send it back, you paid for a straight rod not a bent one. I don't care how much it cost. that's just bad QC.
  19. Man that sucks.
  20. So I took the CT in to get it checked out and it is indeed a big defect. When the tip is supposed to be zero degrees, it was actually cocked to the right at 5.5 degrees. The rest of the rod had similar imperfections in it. I guess every now and then a bad one makes its way out. I was kindly upgraded to the Redington Tempt after casting it. I ended up liking the Tempt more that the CT in both the casting, and looks department.

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