5 days on or near the Missouri

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  1. 3 guys and a DB. We are leaving Tacoma saturday morning. Fishing Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs. Driving back Friday.

    We plan on hitting the Missouri for at least 3 days and would like to hear of alternatives if the fishing/ river conditions go sour, or of places close by that would be a nice change of venue.

    Tent camping and dining at local watering holes( dinner and drinks).

    Restaurants, fly shops and anything else ya want to throw down for me to read.

    We are willing to bounce around if need be.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions.
  2. You likely won't find the Mo too accommodating right now because:
    -- the CofE just bumped the flow out of Holter up to 8410. Normal is 5200. They are drawing down Canyon Ferry Reservoir in anticipation of the warmer and wetter weather forecasts which will trigger runoff.
    -- the tributaries flow will likely jump
    -- these two factors alone would make the fishing tough as the normally clean tailwater will go off color.
    -- the rainbows, the dominate trout species, mostly spawn in the tributaries. Many are likely to abandon the Mo and head up into skinny water. They'll return to the main stem around the 1st week of May
    -- small stream fly fishing in Montana doesn't open until the 3rd Saturday in May, so your Plan Bs are pretty limited.

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  3. Headhunters fly shop is a good spot, with good people, they do boat rentals. And if you are Military they have a Project healing waters boat you can use. There is a food joint next door to them that I haven't tried and cant recall the name but looked legit while I was there. Was pressed for time though. Give them a call to get fishing conditions and I'm sure they could point you to a camp ground. Good luck! Beautiful area.

  4. if you have a boat, nymphing may be just fine. the beaverhead is another, equally distant option. flows are lowwwwww.
  5. Sounds like fun. Keep an eye on flows on the lower Madison and Gallatin. Last I heard they were fishing well. Or go fish the Beaverhead instead.
  6. twin bridges is an alternative if the Big Hole hasnt blown
  7. w fork bitterroot might be a clean, and closer option too. might be high enough to be hard boatable. i remember 500cfs being plenty doable, but you'll have to pay attention, and bust some moves. it aint the entry level water of the mo. skwalas have been out lately. call otter shop in florence.
  8. Don't forget that the Beaverhead is closed from the dam down to Pipe Organ Access.
  9. Upper Clark Fork from Deer Lodge down to Jens.
  10. Thanks to all responders.

    I am looking at 8300 CFM on the Missouri.. not the ideal 4500-5500 we wanted. The weather looks like Sun-Tues being nice and Wed- Thurs rainy and some snow.

    If the Missouri wasnt stuffed full of fish we would probably divert to another river for the first few days.

    I will discuss this thread/suggestions with the guys Friday night before we leave Sat morning.

    Thanks again.
  11. Clark Fork! ;)
  12. If you're hell bent on fishing the Mo in these conditions, I'd use a bunch of scud patterns, SJWs and streamers up close to the banks. If you're a dry fly purist, you're likely going to be disappointed as the top water action will be very sporadic.

  13. I wanted to cancel trip due to water/weather conditions. I was out voted. I will try and sway the guys to the Clark fork as Derek and Trustfunder suggested.

    Thanks for the input, i will give the report, good bad or ugly when i return next Friday.
  14. I'm floating the upper Clark in the morning, I'll give you an update on how it's fishing.

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