FS 6' Gull Ash Oars, Sleeve, Tip Protectors, Brass Oar Locks

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yellowlab, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. A little short for my application, like new and in excellent shape

    2O6-261-Zero226 call or text

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  2. I have some 7.5' Gulls. MIne are from New Zealand, and seem to be high quality wood oars.
  3. Hi Paul, Those might work well in my new little pram. How much are you asking for them?
  4. Thought I had the price in there... My bad, $100. I posted it up on C.L. As well. Yes they are also N.Z. Made and appear very sturdy and in great shape.
  5. Hey Paul, I'm really interested in the oars. Can you tell me the distance from the top of the hand grip to where the oar lock is. I need to check the length on my pram. Also, what's the distance I'd have to go to pick them up?
  6. Hi Steve, those rubber sleeves are fully adjustable. I've slid them with a little water between them and the oars and you can balance them well for your application. I know you're up north and normally I'd meet up if I was planning to fish pass or lone but its tough for me to get out with two young kids. If your down in the Seattle and or Bellevue location I could meet you. Thanks for your interest. I will measure the current set up and let you know. Thanks. Paul
  7. Steve, its 20" from the tip of the oar handle to the brass oar lock
  8. I was afraid of this...they'll work perfect. I'll take them if you can figure a way to hook up. I am heading to Puyallup on Sunday and will be driving through Bellevue. Any chance of meeting up then?
  9. Sent you a PM
  10. Oars Sold
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