FS 6 wt Sage SLT 2 Piece

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    Sage 6 wt SLT 2 piece. This is a wonderful smooth moderately fast action rod that has seen very little use. I looked at it with magnifiers this morning and could not find a scratch or blemish on the rod, only very slight scuffs on the reel seat where a reel was mounted, it is very clean. This rod is incredibly light at 3 1/4 oz and is noticeably lighter than the 4 piece version.
    The Sage rod bag is crisp and in like new condition. The Sage tube is in good condition but does have a scratch.

    I would like $225.00 $200.00 SOLD for the rod + shipping. I live in Southern Washington near the Columbia but I get over to the Yak and travel to Seattle regularly for a possible face 2 face transaction.
    IMG_4421.JPG IMG_4422.JPG IMG_4422.JPG IMG_4426.JPG
  2. Is the rod still available?
  3. Hi Greg,
    Yes it is still available.
  4. Price reduction
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