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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Josh, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Mostly because I'm stuck watching the season dwindle down while I'm chained to the house with work and sick kids, I figured I'd play rod lust a bit. I've getting rid of a few rods and have been offered the odd switch as a trade. I hadn't thought much about switch rods until then, but now of course they are on my gear whore mind.

    Are most people using 6wt or 7wt rods as an all around switch? I know that we all consider 7wt the all around spey rod. But given that most people seem to use switch rods as summer run smaller water rods (with many doing salt duty as well), I'm thinking that 6wt is maybe a better bet? I've got a trout 5 switch and 6 and 7 speys. So I don't really NEED a switch. But if I had one, I'd probably use it for stilly summer runs, dollys, pinks (?), and hell, maybe even some salt water (though I almost never fish the salt).In terms of spacing, having a 5 and a 7 switch makes sense. But I'd rather have a 6 if that was the more fun rod to have for the use.

    Just in case it matters, I would be using it for spey style casting. I wouldn't ever bother to try and use it as a single hand rod. I guess if I went to the beach with it, I might try two hand overhead. But mostly it would be a small spey for me.
  2. I think it depends on the spey rods you have. I have TCX's, 12'6 7 wt. and 14' 9 wt. and a 5 wt Zaxis switch. I was thinking about buying another switch to fill in the gaps. I really don't need one but if I were to do that, I'd look at the actions of the other rods I have and try to fill in with something in between so I had everything covered. As it is, I probably won't buy another since I don't think I really need it. Then again, there is a huge difference between "need" and "desire."
  3. Oh, this is desire. I'm sure I don't "need" more rods. I almost never do.
  4. most switches are a little overrated. as in grain window. look at the rio chart at the 7wt switches grain window. they go all the way from 325-480. my 7119 tcx likes a 410 scandi, my 7133 winston likes a 480. if you are thhinking of steelhead, i wouldnt go lighter than 7. a 7 will serve double duty w/skagit line on small water in winter also. for that matter i fish my 7119 for trout the majority of the time. it will handle weighted flies, sinking polys and wind ALOT better than the 6119, and i can cast 90' when i need to. some switches are even wimpier, and an 8wt might be a better steelhead rod. i really dont care what a 14" trout feels like, but i HATE to be undergunned.
  5. For spring & Summer time work a 6wt will be just fine. I am building a 7wt switch for my self but it will do most of its work in fall and winter tossing chubby flies. A 6wt switch is a fun rod to cast.
  6. first off you always need a new rod. I have a 7110 z-axis and it is probably my favorite rod. I have used for summer and winter steelhead, bull trout, and src. It is the most versatile rod that I own. I use a skandi head and poly leader for summer stuff and a skagit system for winter and bulls. the only short fall would be that it is a little light for the really heavy winter stuff, But that is why I need another rod.

    Andy D
  7. 6. Done.
  8. So we're at 2 votes for a 6wt and 3 for a 7wt (inc one via PM).
  9. 6wt. 7wts are awkward.
  10. 6wt, not a democratic decision. Free advice. Worth every penny you paid for it.
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  11. 6 coming on strong!
  12. 8. 6's and 7's are awkward with 6" intruders and 20# fish.
  13. That is probably true. But I think it's unlikely that I'd be using a switch for fish/flies of that size. I just don't fish regularly in places where giant fish are located but I couldn't use a true spey.
  14. I'd pick up the 6wt and let go of the 5wt, especially since you added a trout weight rod. The 5 will be the tweener that doesn't get used...
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  15. I used to fish the 7110 ZA, loved it but felt outgunned many times. The rod just attracted big fish! So far the 7116 ONE has handled big fish with no problems at all. This is the new everyday switch for me. However, I'll still pull out the 8 wt switch in August for the kings.
  16. Buy the Meiser Highlander in the classifieds. 6/7 11'er. Done.
  17. Yeah I saw that. Nice I'm sure. A little rich for my blood since this is kind of an experiment.
  18. Trevor makes a good point (and knows what rods I own).

    So 6wt it is.

    Now to find one.
  19. Josh, wait and try my Angler's Roost 12' 5/6 before you decide, or lay out $$$. It's worth much more than its retail price, and seems to be liked by whoever tries one.

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