7 Wt. Switch/Beach To buy or build?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by chrome/22, Feb 5, 2013.

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    I had a chance to cast that rod and LOVED everything about it so much that I put the order in and I'm building that exact same blank, I should have it posted by this weekend. For me it was not just the savings but able to fish something you put together yourself. However Beulah does a nice job on their platinum rods and the finished off the shelf rod looks great. Building it yourself you should be able to cut +/- $150-200 off that price depending on what you are looking at to use for components.
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    My opinion is at there should be some pleasure and pride in building and!or fishing a rod you built and customized.

    But I've never analysed it from the standpoint of how much money can be saved. I only know components really add up by the time you are done.

    I'm working on a 6 wt switch rod myself, rain shadow blank, modest components

    The Beulah rod looks sweet, eager to,hear more about it