8" Char 4 Me today

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg Price, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. I was thrilled to hook, land and release a char today on a river that is only 16 min drive from my house.

    I got the idea from a fellow fly fisherman yesterday. He let me try out his spey rod and told me his friend catches "trout" that feed behind spawning salmon.

    I looked up the method on you tube last night and tied up some leaders with 10bl stren line, #4 mustad hook. The U Tube vid was for strictly trout, but I though I had better beef it up a little just in case I hooked a B run Silver like the one I caught last week.

    I used a fast action 6wt which was overkill for the small char, but it cast the split shot well.

    See the video at . Watch the video , the young man dispels common misconceptions about this method. This is a new method to me.
  2. Greg,
    That's a pretty good vid. thanks for posting it. After watching it I decided to go fishing rather than sit home and watch FB, although I'm glad the Hawks won. Headed to my favorite Bull river and it was in perfect shape. I wanted to rig that bead set up but decided not to do the bobber thing, so attached it behind a smaller articulated fly and just let it dead-drift-swing on a tight line. was using my 7wt with a sink tip line which turned out to be a good choice. I had a total of five BT's to hand in all, with 2 on the bead and 3 on the fly. The biggest fish went about 21" the others were 16-17" none of them as big as this spot usually holds, but no complaints.
    Anyway it was a great day only saw one other fisherman but he was on the other side of the river hiking through the woods, and nobody tried to break into my vehicle!
    Here's a couple of quick pics.

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  3. Much better to be out fishing. Glad you watched the vid. Big bonus that actually caught fish and beautiful fish at that.
  4. Well I started to watch it, but he talks to much. Must like to hear his own voice. You can't use that set up in fly only waters in Washington State. You all know the regs there. And if I wanted to use gear I would use a spinning rod.

    A bead and a bare hook spell gear in my way of thinking. I don't own any and will not use any. It's like fishing with Corkies.
  5. considering the source, the richest words i've ever seen posted here.
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  6. You are entitled to your opinion Jim, other than that I don't give a flip.

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  7. Love me some Bull Trout! I had similar luck on a few rivers during the Pink run, fish behind the spawning pinks and the Bulls crush your fly or bead. I prefer the swing, but if you're using a fly line and reel it's fly fishing in my book.
  8. Chase,
    I will have to try that in 2 years when the pinks are running. I much prefer getting a trout or char on a 4-6 wt fly rod than going heavy and dredging up salmon.
  9. Hey Old Man,

    It may not be pure dry fly fishing, but I am up for any kind of new style to try as long as I am fishing legally. The water near my home is open to bait chuckers, so it does not bother me to fish a bead and hook. I am not worried about the definition of "fly" fishing when I am fishing a river open to bait. It is fun to try new types of fishing. I tried spey casting last week. Spey was O.K., but the heavy sink tip needed to get the fly down makes it work.

    Old Man, did you make it to the portion of the video that addressed the "snagging" issue?
    Just curious on your opinion of what was said.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Seriously. How to peg a bead, followed by "check out these bull trout"! The shit cup is about to runneth over.

    The shit storm's coming.
    The shit clock's ticking.
  12. I still get confused when people think that a using a bead is snagging. The fish bites the bead, you set the hook and it hooks them right in the side of the mouth by using the same method in the video. Just curious on why some may think this? I get that not everyone agrees with it, and that's fine. However, it is far from snagging or using a corkie.
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  13. Travis, i am not opposed to corky yarn bait if it is legal.
    No shit going down here.
    Travis you gotta lighten up man and have moe fun.
    It goes back the image that the small percentage of fly snobs who make us look like a bunch of class oriented, whiny idiots. I am not part of that crowd.
    This is recreation, not class warfare.
    If I wanted to wear a tweed jacket and smoke a pipe I;d have to go to England in the 1800's for private water.
    Thank Goodness I have public water that I can enjoy within 10 min of my home. I enjoy it with fly or gear, depending upon my mood.

    I am the fly guy who respects and gets along with all kinds of anglers, bait casters and fly casters.

    If I meet an asshole, I just move. My time on the water is too precious to share with a negative person.

    I am fortunate to live where the waters are public, not crowded and beautiful this time of year. It is a resource all can share no matter what social economic strata you occupy.

    Char and pegging are new to me. I plan to learn as much as I can about both

    Travis, can you teach me anything about fishing for char on the fly?
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  14. I probably approached this wrong. I shouldn't pass judgement, I've tied up about 30 egg patterns in the last two nights getting ready to nymph for mad river steelhead.

    What I was attempting to get at was the fact that fishing beads and targeting bull trout, even where legal, are two things that are almost guaranteed to start shit on here. Sequential comment regarding those two topics seemed like a powder keg to me. That's what I was going for.
  15. Cool Travis,

    Thanks for explaining yourself.

    I have concentrated my fly fishing efforts on small, dumb wild trout with small dry flies for the past decade.

    After living in Puyallup for 3 years, I tried my hand at salmon fishing because it is close to my home, but I still miss trout fishing and prefer trout fly fishing. I had no idea there is an issue with char because I have not fished for them before last weekend.

    Looks like I will have to keep the bead fishing for trout a subject that stays in my closet.

    Are you hiring a guide for the steelhead fishing?

    Please post a report on your steelhead trip. Pics would be great.

    Thanks again, Travis for bringing me up to speed.

  16. Sorry for the confusion. When I used to work for Cascade Vascular Associates, right across from Good Sam, I used to go fish for pinks when I was on call at Good Sam. I'd just put my pager in my waders. I never had any luck.

    No guide for the Mad River. It has a huge run of hatchery steelhead with some wild fish. It's very accessible to wade fisherman, and it's usually a zoo, mostly with a million gear guys. I can usually find my own water that the gear guys don't like to fish and hook a few steelhead in a day. It's pretty awesome that I can drive 10 minutes and hook into hatchery brats, but it's pretty far from a majestic experience. There's usually a bunch of people out there drunk and stoned flossing for the fish. I saw a guy last year who was falling down drunk and he had caught a probably 22 pound hatchery buck. The think was a tank. He was flossing.
  17. that's the way i took it, together with the gif of a guy setting up a chair to sit and watch something entertaining about to happen. it's two controversial topics and throwing them both into one post here is a little like wearing a pro-life t-shirt to a planned parenthood convention. not saying it's a troll, but someone aiming for that could do worse for strategy than hitting on bull-trout with beads.
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