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  1. Anyone know a good place to get a 2 weight? I live in California and want one for the little creeks in the area. Preferably one on the cheap.
  2. Kmart, Walmart, or Fred Meyers, to start with. Hope that helps :D
  3. get a bamboo rod on ebay
  4. put some feelers out in the classifieds, maybe shoot someone a pm on the fiberglass forum. If I were to get a small creek rod it would be glass or bamboo. Since bamboo is not cheap, I would be stuck with the former.
  5. Serious...think redington CT.
  6. A good one, which I've had for over a year, is the 7' 3" Echo Carbon in 4-piece graphite for $170 list.
  7. I would want one with a reel and line on it preferably.
  8. There are some inexpensive blanks on the market in the 2-3 wt variety. You can make your own. Check eBay for the blanks. You might have a rod builder in your area that could help you out.
  9. Buy used on WFF! There has to be a lot of guys who romanticized the idea of UL fly fishing and now have a nice St Croix gathering dust. Don't get fancy with the reel, a Bass Pro or some old clicker with a cheap DT line like Hook and Hackle or Rio Mainstream should do.
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  10. That's a great suggestion. I'm definitely thinkin bout it.
  11. ultralightflyfishing.com/forum

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