A damn shame

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by r.overstreet, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. r.overstreet

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    I was on a my favorite close to home creek this morning and I found this. 12in cutthroat dead on the gravel. Looks like someone caught it probably with worms, it swallowed the hook and they cut it out and left the fish for dead. Sad not only because it's a single barbless hook artificial bait only stream but is also the biggest cutty I've seen on this small creek.

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  2. Old Man

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    Some people don't give a shit on the laws of fishing. I used to fish the Sauk quite a bit in the summer time. Away from the road people use all sorts of bait and that river was bait free for many years. some people are a sorry lot.
  3. JasonG

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    I Hate DumbSh*ts
  4. Roper

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    Ya' can't fix stupid...
  5. Sawyer

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    Most of the time you can't.
    Solution: If someone wants to fish rivers, flyfish!
  6. KerryS

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    Most don't know the regs. Some, once things are explained, will stop. Others don't give a crap about the laws.
  7. r.overstreet

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    I guess what really bothers me about it is if your going to poach and fish with bait, then cut the fish from mid belly up to its jaw to retrieve the hook anyway why not at least finish cleaning it and eat it? Nope just spill it's cuts get your hook back and leave it on the shore. I don't get it.