A Dave Cottengim Bamboo fly rod done with "The Patriot Wrap"

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  1. Hello all,
    I just wanted to share some pictures with you what I've done with a bamboo blank that Dave (lublgrud) donated towards teaching our heroes how to fly fish here in the east. He sent the rod to me after he had built it minus the wrapping and varnishing of the rod, which I did. The rod is wrapped with scarlet red silk tipped with white then blue silk thread to complete the wrap aptly named "The Patriot" by Dave himself.......

    I was told that the vets have an easier time casting the slower action cane rods, which do most of the "work" for them, to enhance their experience astream while they're learning the nuances of this great sport! I've been restoring/repairing split cane fly rods for 20 years now, but have found a way to personally express my gratitude towards these warriors of ours by finding old rods, restoring them, then donating them to the "boys", who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms and liberties we enjoy here. This rod is 1 of 14 that I have sent to them since July this year at Bethesda Hospital in care of Big John Miska, a DAV himself who is coordinating this effort to get these rods into their hands. The rod they're given is theirs to keep, no strings attached......John works with PHW in Va. but isn't a registered volunteer for them yet.

    Let's keep up the good work to honor and support them back home in all the states.


  2. I got your private message. There really isn't a certified volunteer, you are just a volunteer. :) I've been with the program "pre PHWFF" here at Ft Lewis (aka JBLM). So about 5-6 years now. I think it really depends on the program and where they are located. I'm with a WTB (Warrior Transition Battalion) rather then the VA. So I have alot of current OEF/OIF soldiers coming straight out of campaign I deal with. Most are able to work a moderate to fast action rod. But, if we had some bamboo rods, I know we could lend them (or give them) out. I'm in process of restoring an old glass/wood driftboat as a PHWFF boat. I wouldn't mind getting 2 of these for the guys to use for fishing on the Yakima (our blue ribbon trout stream here in Washington State).
  3. Nicely done, Canefly! I have one of Dave's rod myself, a 6' 3wt Little Gem, that I use on a specific tiny spring creek full of wild brownies. What length and line weight is the rod you finished?

    Best regards and all the best on your great work with the vets,
  4. Jerry,
    just let me know what I can do to help with your PHW efforts. As I said, I'd be willing to restore a bamboo rod that's being donated for the wounded warriors.

    Thank you,
  5. Hi Kenneth,
    The rod in the pics above is Dave's 7' 2/2 for a 4 weight. It's a dandy feeling rod in my hands, but can't very well cast it in the living room! lol Thank you! I'll be meeting some of the heroes and giving some 'boo rods away on Dec. 18th when we take them to Rose River Farm to teach fly fishing. It'll be an "all bamboo" day on the stream so that'll look cool in of itself! Dave sent a "Little Gem" to me to apply a final coat of varnish before taking it to the Dec. event. I assembled the rod here in my home & loved the action on it!! I dare not cast these rods, not because I'm afraid of breaking it, but because it's not my possession and the first to fish with it should be one of our heroes. I own plenty of 'boo rods already, so I could easily learn to cast this rod in a false cast or two! I haven't owned/fished a graphite rod in over 18 years now, preferring the song of a cane rod to delight my senses of feel while casting, playing and landing a trout or steelie.....

  6. Ok will do. :)

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