A gift from the fishing gods

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Baerwalde, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. A funny thing happened to me yesterday. As I was approaching my favorite hole on the stretch of river I was fishing, a plover started making a ruckus on a gravel bar. I looked over there and saw something floating down the river right by the gravel island. I waded over to it and was surprised to find a gift from the gods...a little dinged up from its ride but no worse for the wear. I'm technically taking a break from beer (don't worry, I'm still enjoying cocktails), but who am I to look a gift beer in the mouth? I enjoyed it riverside immediately. Oh and I caught some fish, a couple of which were a little larger than average.
    GiftOfTheGods_web.jpg GoodCutt_web.jpg NiceCutthroat_web.jpg
  2. Nice catch and the fish ain't bad either.
  3. Manna from Heaven!

  4. Nice. It happens to me once awile. Last year while floating my favorite river I looked over to see a unopened fifth of whiskey bobbing along. It was the good stuff too.
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  5. I was up on one of the rivers that flow into the S/F of the Skykomish. I stopped off at one of the Campgrounds that are on the river of choice. I found almost a half a case of cold ones in the river. There was nobody around so I had me a few cold ones to drink that hot da. They went down so well that I had a little buzz from them.

    Nothing like a cold one on a hot day.
  6. That's awesome. And the pounder, no less!
  7. The upside of drunk boaters on a river. Always drop some presents overboard
  8. Hope you thought to stop and buy some lottery tickets!
  9. I netted a Keystone Light in an eddy on the Yakima once. Horse piss beer, but like you said, why look a gift beer in the mouth?
  10. Professional Boaters Refreshment.
  11. I love catching a buzz.

  12. Finding a Keystone isn't a gift, it's a curse.
  13. Pride of Milwaukee.........
  14. The gods must be cheap... at least they could have sent you a good micro brew :)
  15. That is divine intervention.
  16. Oh noooooooooooooooooo..... from here on out, we'll have THE HOG FACTOR ;)
  17. Funny how these two year old threads pop back up on occasion.

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  18. Sometimes for whatever reason when I click the like button, the website stops me and asks "are you sure you want to like this post" on this one its a hell yes.
  19. Pat, in response to your post, I just noted this thread is two years old. Geez. So much the fool am I !
  20. Its ok gene I too realized it after the fact. But its a good thread to be bright to the top. Maybe Matt had forgotten it and this reminder will put a smile on his face the rest of the day.
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