A gift from the fishing gods

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Baerwalde, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. 13.robb

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    Only way it could've been better is if it was a can of Rainier.
  2. This is a pretty fun post to resurrect. That PBR went down pretty dang easy as I recall--much easier than the fully intact, fresh bunch of crisp celery I once found floating in a back eddy at the same spot.

    I like to think about the camp scene that might have led to the celery jettison.

    "Goshdarnit Margaret this rabbit food isn't fit for man nor beast!"
    "Sorry Pa, I dropped the celery by those little piles of white paper."
    "Hey Bocephus Jr., maybe if we launch this celery Ma will have to give us better snacks than Ants-on-a-log."
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  3. bennysbuddy

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    Lol, I can only wonder about the circumstances that would cause celery to end up in the water.
  4. lylelovett666

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    Pbr! Throw it back!
  5. biker_dd

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    Gotta fish the Cle Elum river for that kind of action. I found this one over the weekend. Also quite a few shoes and sandals, but nothing in my size.
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  6. Oh yeah, that one's been on the spawning grounds a little while--you can tell. Hate to say though, if there ain't no rod, reel, fly, or fly line in the photo, it don't count.