A great last week with a couple on dries

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by muknuk, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. It is nice to know that even when each hole is taken by anxious fisherman trying for their last shot at a steelhead, that if you work hard enough and find the right kind of run that has been passed over by many others, even with the water temperature in the mid 40s that the fish gods are smiling when you walk away with 2 on dries...I am blest! View attachment 25754

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  2. Sweet! I also had success skating one up last Friday. It porpised on a small "Shade Seeker" (by Deschutes Angler) and completely missed it, but that's OK. It came to play and would've been released anyway.
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  3. awesome!! something's in the air...my buddy hooked one on a dead drifted dry over the weekend.
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  4. mid 40's? Thats the shit I dream of...
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  5. Muy bueno!!
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  6. Awesome! I've been fishing surface flies a good amount lately myself with the mild temperatures we've been having. Haven't raised any winter fish to the top yet, but will keep trying.

    Did you get your fish in AK, or WA?

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  7. Washington
  8. So awesome!
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