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  1. On a recent visit to Tacoma, Steve Saville introduce me to switch rods and associated casting. Later we went to Cabela's and I bought an 11' TFO Deer Creek Series switch rod and then we drove to The Puget Sound Fly Company where I met Anil and bought a Rio Outbound intermediate line. After several return visits to TPSFC I bought some SRC and salmon fly tying material and another Rio Outbound line, this time a floater.
    At home I went to the North Fork Angler' fly shop in Cody WY and the owner Tim Wade told me that he was giving group spey casting lessons in April. When talking to My father-in-law about which boat I should bring to Tacoma, He said that he would remove the 4 sale sign from his boat and motor an I could use it when visiting Tacoma. Thanks to a lot of nice and generous people and to those of you on this forum who have answered my questions, I'll be learning a new to me style of casting and fishing.
  2. get ready to never touch your single handers in 7, 8, and 9 wieghts
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  3. switch rods are so much fun. and if you use them on the beaches you most likely will never use your 8wt again hahaha. the only time my 8wt single gets used is when i am bass fishing, pike fishing, or king salmon. other than that its my 6wt switch for all of my beach salmon.
  4. I was just wondering if the 6 wt switch rod I am building would be appropriate for pink salmon from the beach (10'8" Rainshadow blank)

    In the past I used a 9'6" 7 wt (RX7 rainshadow blank), which I fished with an Airflow 6wt 40plus clear intermediate.

    I'll need to learn to line the 6 wt switch for beach casting distances.

  5. oh yeah for sure it will be. i use a single hand 6wt Sage responce 9'6". for a line on a 6wt switch i have an 8wt ambush and i love it. i put a intermediate head thats 15ft and it cast great. i use it for silvers and chum as well. it will handle pinks. also the ambush line is good for flies with a little size too. its a cheaper line. only $40. and that is the line i use for the beach on my Echo switch 6wt 10'10"
  6. Jay, in a word: "Yes." General rule of the thumb (and pretty darned true) is a 2hander (short or long) will be at least two rod weights over a 1hander designation. A 7 2hander will be pretty comparable to a 9 1hander.
  7. Thanks for the rule of thumb Fred

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