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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I am fighting off the urge to go out and buy another rod. God help me. The name Sage is literally haunting me.
  2. Y'er sick Daniel. Take some medicine. Didn't you say you're out of work? Unless you're independently wealthy, that's not a good time to be a gear whore. Learn to cast and fish what you've got. Experience and skill will help you make better informed choices when you choose your next fly rod.
  3. I may be sick but I am not irresponsible. Happy to say I landed a good job this week and my wife suggested I treat myself.
  4. No; that is being naive, narcissistic, and stupid. EVERY fly fisherman strives to improve his or her cast, period. If you are on the water and not constantly striving to improve your distance, or how nicely your loop rolls out there, you aren't going to become a better fisherman and are failing yourself.
    Secondly, when 4, possibly even a 5th person suggest that your flies falling apart is related to your casting, it is your casting. You expect anyone with a degree of experience in the sport to believe a dude in his first season has his casting dialed in to the point he has no issues? Lose the ego if you legitimately want people's help, otherwise you do yourself no good.
    Thirdly, be nice to shoprats like Joe Pombrio. What he lacks in facial hair and muscle mass, he makes up for in his knowledge of the sport. Not being a dickhead to shoprats can be the difference between spending your time pounding dead water, or getting seriously hooked up on a piece of water that is under-fished and overflowing with winter-run natives.
    Fourthly, seriously dude hire a guide. Do a day-long walk n wade trip. The $400 bucks or so you spend will pay infinite dividends if the Sky is your home water. And when you do, take-in as MUCH info as you possibly can, watch how the guide rigs your shit, look at the type of water he has you fishing, colors, voodoo prayers etc.
    Finally, worry about catching fish here in WA before trying to go to Canada. Not only will it save you a few bucks, but when you catch fish here in WA, you can definitely catch them in Canuckistan giving you the peace of mind to truly take in the surroundings up there. It will blow your mind.
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  5. Alright alright, you guys are right. I am sure I still suck at casting. Sorry if I came off like an ego prick. I guess I am just trying not to think too much about it. Last time I went out I did not think about anything and felt I casted better, and enjoyed myself better when I just was not thinking about it.
  6. So do any of you guys ever get together as a group thing and head out and go fishing. Perhaps an event that allows everyone to meet up, and bullshit? I was thinking that would be cool.
  7. Nope, we all have too much secret water and secret flies and secret techniques. If we were to get together all the secret stuff might escape.
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  8. Ahh understandable. Honestly I can not think of anything else I can ask all you fellas. I guess now its just a matter of getting out there.
  9. What's a new rod going to do for you?
  10. get a dam two hander
  11. single hander you have now for that nympho love and two hander to swing, I promise you will never look back and regret the purchase of a two hander. In fact I don't even touch my singles anymore
  12. LOL you guys assume too much. Kinda wanting a 5wt for lighter stuff.

  13. Oh for fuck sake.
  14. I think it's a reasonable question but "Oh for fuck sake" probably sums up the thoughts of nearly everyone regarding you're post about wanting a new rod.

    LOL why'd you post it in a steelhead thread?
  15. If you do not have anything nice to say please do not say anything at all. I kindly and respectfully ask negatively sarcastic comments be used on threads elsewhere.
  16. how was his response rude?
  17. I am not going into it. I would like this thread to be informative and drama free. In my opinion there have been some rude comments on here the last couple days. Lets move on.
  18. I have been watching this thread since you started it and just hoping you catch your first steelhead. I am also a rookie when it comes to this, so seeing someone post their own 'rookie' concerns is very helpful and takes guts. Just get out on the river whenever you have a chance. As my father says, "you're not going to catch any fish if your line isn't wet."
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  19. Thank you for the kind words.
  20. Fellow rookies,

    During our time with learning, and soaking as much information as possible, I would like to touch the topic of conservation. I feel that by maintaining this little project thread, I am doing my part in promoting the sport, art, religion whatever you want to call it. I thought to myself that the more people that get interested in this stuff the higher the risk of local conservation gets affected negatively. I can not stress enough that I feel that it is important to practice catch and release fishing. Although it is legal to keep a hatchery fish here and there, I would like all of you fellow rookies to go out there knowing that what we enjoy today may not be enjoyable tomorrow for our children, and children's children.
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