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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Also, the last four times I have been out on both the Skykomish, and Stilly, I have seen a lot of garbage. I highly suggest bringing with you a grocery bag and not only pack your garbage out but others as well. I know we should not have to do it but it is our responsibility. So coming from a new angler myself, I can see that there really is a bigger picture than you think when you are getting into this. I saw a few kids throwing away beer cans by burying them under the sand. I walked up to them with a smile and offered to grab there trash for them, and also handed them a spare trash bag too. After I gave them there own I saw them an hour later picking up a few things on there own.
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  2. comment deleted.
  3. I highly reccomend not posting chit on interwebz. If u want ur spots blown go ajead.

    Iys onething to take someone to a spot and fish it with them.
  4. Note to self, never share a location with danielocean.
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  5. Well I guess you fellas are right. I feel bad and want to help though. However, I will trust your guys judgement. I guess everyone needs to fly on there own. Please disregard my last comment. please please.
  6. I sure do not want to burn bridges so forgive me guys.
  7. Daniel,

    It's OK. Everyone makes mistakes. Smart people learn from their mistakes. I'm a pretty intelligent guy. Just imagine all the mistakes I've made!

    A word or two about sharing fishing locations, or fishing intel as it's sometimes referred to. That is called "kiss and tell" fishing, or fish and tell, more accurately. Here's the scoop on that topic, distilled from decades of real life real time experience of thousands of conscientious anglers.

    If you, all on your own, discover or happen upon a spot that you determine is a good place to fish, you are entitled to share information about that spot with whomever you wish. You can even post about it on the internet, although you should think about just how many hundreds or thousands of people you're sharing that info with, and how many of them you would like to see standing in that very spot the next time you go there to fish it.

    For example, early in my steelhead fly fishing career I was driving and prowling around the NF Stilly and discovered the WDFW access parking lot to the Fortson Hole. I parked and walked down the trail to the river and determined that it was a pretty good place to fish (and in 1972 it was!). By the written and unwritten rules of the International Order of Anglers I can share that knowledge with anyone, and I have, since it turned out that Fortson was an extremely popular and well known hatchery blood hole often written about in newspapers and fishing rags.

    Then there's places like the ****** Hole on another river that a fishing friend showed me, the side road that leads to a small parking spot, and the not so easy to follow trail through the woods and across a slough to get to a nice long run that fishes well. As a matter of tradition, respect, angling friendship, and common sense when you come to understand it, I cannot, will not, show or tell about to any other person that location without first obtaining permission from the friend who first showed it to me. This does not prevent dissemination of fishing location information, but it controls the rate at which it is spread around.

    If you think what I've written above is weird or strange in any way, I suggest you read Cuponoodle Breakfast's post. The number of rivers in WA state had not increased in the last century or millenium. However the state's human population has nearly tripled in the last 40 years. The finite number of good fishing holes is getting smaller, not larger. No angler of experience and integrity ever shares location intel with a kiss and tell fisherman out of obvious self interest.

    And the above doesn't even touch the topic of the self satisfaction derived from making personal discoveries.

  8. Nice work on the litter. If you think it is bad now, wait until August......

  9. Conservation and releasing hatchery fish?
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  10. pink season brings in the full retard. I have seen people with fishing line wrapped around a two leader bottle. some north American ghetto tenkara right there
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  11. No doubt about it. It is crazy how much litter will be on our rivers and beaches by this fall. JP and Gertrude would be proud to call them home.
  12. Salmo,

    Thanks for the wisdom and advice. It all makes perfect sense. I feel like such a dip shit. Lesson learned indeed.
  13. Does anyone know if there is a forecast for Steelhead numbers this year. To be clear I am wanting to know if there is an organization that estimates a certain number of fish that are going to be returning to the river systems during this season. Does anyone know the forecast or where I can find it?
  14. The only thing more delicious than a Mickeys 40 is a Mickeys with a pink hooked on it.
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  15. Daniel,

    No pre-season runsize forecasts are made for summer steelhead as they are for winter steelhead. Probably because the treaty fishing focus on winter steelhead necessitates a court-mandated management plan with a run forecast for allocating harvest between treaty and non-treaty fishing. Summer steelhead don't rise to the same threshold of interest. On the Columbia, treaty fishing occurs above Bonneville, so steelhead numbers are known as they pass the dam. Doesn't really matter much since harvest and fishing is limited by impacts to wild steelhead, so again, a pre-season forecast just isn't necessary for management.

  16. Get a buzz and new rod. Maybe ill tape two fortys together for some spey casting
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  17. Life is getting in the way of fishing right now. Got a new job and need to take care of other responsibilities for a while. I may not be around on this thread for a while. Until then, I ask other new rookies out there to utilize this thread to add there experiences,concerns, and questions. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  18. I am a fellow rookie, and I caught my first steelhead today, although it was on conventional gear. It did raise a concern, however: those puppies can FIGHT. I have never tangled with a fish that tough on a flyrod. It's gonna be one heck of a ride, but it might be a few hookups before a total newb like me gets one to shore! (assuming, of course, I get those hookups) :D

  19. Dude I am so happy for you. Can you contribute more detail as what type of water you caught this fish. Other noobs would benefit by understanding more about what kind of water to look for. Ie, clarity, depth, any obstructions?
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