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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Nice! We can all go to salmo's house and have a sweet BBQ tomorrow night.
  2. Ur not allowed to go netting in the feeder creek to the hatchery
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  3. Everyone knows there are too many cougars in that valley to hike with a 60lb pack on your back!

    I'll show you some of the pictures I took of the runs between 8-10 miles in. Some of the largest resident trout I've seen on any system over there who went absolute barracuda on a rolled muddler.

    The swinging runs were some of the best I've fished. Nothing to hand but trout - but we were fishing in May which isn't a great time for steelhead and the springers are....mythical. I'll be making a go of that trail in March this year come hell or high water.

    Get yourself a pack llama and make it happen. This could actually be "your thing".
  4. That is one dam sturdy looking llama. Are they as expensive as scadden trailers? That thing would be a sweet casting platform too
  5. You can rent them. No joke.
  6. Jesse, is this the year that we're hiking up and floating out? Should probably put in for the time off with the wife.
  7. this hike in ride out is something I am interested in doing. I long to wear the same pair of underwear for days and not bathe while casting to fish

  8. Dude,

    You don't need to go on a pack trip to make that happen. Jus' sayin'. :D

  9. Yep.
  10. Jesse,

    I picked up an Alpacka raft recently, so that sheds 32 pounds of pack weight, making the hike feasible for my lazy aging bones.

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  11. I would suspect that any newb who has followed this thread all the way to this post has by now decided to just take up golf instead...
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  12. Have you floated in it yet on moving water? How's it do with 20lbs of gear on the front?
  13. Haven't used it yet.

  14. Went to the Sky today. Hooked my first today. The fish took at the end of my swing, and fought with me for about 15 seconds. Unfortunately I do not think I set the hook well cause I lost it. Pretty pissed.
  15. Went fishing today with sir Danielocean. We headed out to the sky and got there at around 9am. After hiking down to the river and then downstream about a quarter mile, passing a dozen or so gear chuckers (2 of which had fish) and a few fly fishers, we made it to a gorgeous open run.

    After casting and wading out to where we wanted to be, just a few swings later I heard a loud WHOOOOOO yell from downstream and ladies and gentlemen I am proud to say that our friend Daniel hooked himself a steelhead. There was a huge bend in his rod, and just as I was going to grab my phone to capture this moment in history with a picture, his rod straightened back out as the fish shook free. Shit.

    We went back to casting for a few minutes and then I heard another WHOOOOOOOO. No fucking way I thought to myself. I quickly looked downstream, and yup, I was right. There wasn't another steelhead on the end of his line.

    There was however 2 flailing arms and a head poking out of the water. Our friend daniel had lost his footing and down he went. A refreshing spill it must have been as I was still sweating from our hike. After confirming he was OK and uninjured, it was pretty amusing for both of us. He got dried off and was back fishing soon after.

    Not another bite for either of us the rest of the day, with the exception of a trout that I didn't even know I had hooked until he took his 2nd jump when I was stripping in some line. I'm pretty sure my leech pattern was longer than this little guy. He shook free at my feet so I wasn't able to confirm.

    We hiked back to where we parked about a half mile away and enjoyed a delicious beer. It was a good day.
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  16. That, my friends, is what happens when you inject a steelhead conversation with golf...
  17. Gotta be the rod, I'd get a new one ASAP.
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  18. No sir i am done rod shopping pick all ya want i know i asked for it.
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  19. three more months and it's prime time in eastern wa/id.. You should be able to get a steelhead on the snake/ronde/Clearwater, even as a new fisherman..

    Far more forgiving than then Sky
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  20. You have got to be kidding me...
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